E-Hall pass for everyone

Teachers and students both have to adapt to the a new system


Winni Neil

This is the E-Hall pass home page where you create passes and except them.

Winni Neil, Staff Reporter

At the start of the 2022-2023 school year, students got a surprise. E-Hall Pass is a new technology we started using and has been a struggle for most when using it.

Using the E-hall pass has been a task for all. When you’re using the pass you have appointment passes and regular hall passes, finding the correct location or teacher that you have to go to has been tough for some. The E- Hall Passes are used to go to the bathroom, vending machines, nurse etc. The appointment passes are made for when you’d like to go visit a teacher and you have to send a request through the site.

“I think it is good for the school because most people just use the bathroom as an excuse to get out of class because it’s boring or not fun,” sophomore Olivia Hightower said. “Now teachers or security guards or other staff can keep track of how long they are in the bathroom. Most students just mess around and skip class so using the E- Hall Pass will stop the messing around and hopefully get kids back in class to keep learning.”

Using the E-Hall Pass has been useful in Hightower’s eyes, and  given her a positive view on them. Teachers and students have different aspects of the E-Hall Pass because of the different roles which may or may not give the different views on the new system.

“On some occasions I have had to take time to write a pass yet or approve one on the system etc.,” math teacher Joseph Erdkamp said, “This has been only a minor inconvenience so far though.”

Erdkamp also has a positive outlook. The E-Hall Pass has been beneficial for students because  they can focus more on what their doing in class rather than if their friends are in the hall or what time they need to go to their teachers. People are working to improve and figure out more of what they can do with the system. Some students would go hangout with friends in the halls or in the bathroom and cause problems for teachers and other staff and students.

“I think that the E-Hall Pass is really good,” sophomore Laney Gillard said. “It’s stopping students from randomly going in the halls and being crazy with their friends and making the school a mess“

The changes the school has made with E-Hall Pass this school year has everyone adapting to it.