Beneficial phone policy

By limiting the use of phones during class, students are doing better overall


Winni Neil

These are one of the many different types of phone systems at school.

Winni Neil, Staff Reporter

Most students know of the phone policy the school started in the 2021-2022 school year, for personal reasons a lot of students do not like it. Personally, I agree with the policy, it has been proven to make grades better and shown great ways to put other resources to use. 

Jacobsen and Forste, in a study developed in 2011, found negative effects of cell phone use among college students in the United States. They were reported to have a lower GPA (grade point average),” Special guest Linda Heard from said.

Studies from other schools and colleges have shown that the use of phones and electronics have brought grades down. In a study from TMCnet they found that ”The research has found strong evidence of lower performance among students when cell phone use is in the way.”

 I believe that putting them in slots and restricting them is the best way to have good academic results. 

The phone policy provides structure that some students need that they don’t have in other aspects of their lives. Some students don’t have the type of home where their parents stay to wake them up and they just show up to school but restricting your phones for a period of time during the day can become a break that kids look forward to. 

Phone policy is proving to the students that do not like it that it can be helpful and come to good use. Even when kids disagree with it some are like me and agree and see all of the positive things that are coming out of it.

The fact that people are using their phones less and computers more have caused problems for the internet. Although we’ve had problems with the internet it has given us excuses for more updates and new things on our computers. We have gotten better internet and fast loading apps and sites which has been a relief for everyone.

Having phones in class can also promote cyber bullying, cyber bullying is what it’s called, bullying over the internet. A study from The Washington Post said “This study of about 4,500 ­elementary school children in the United States found that having a cellphone in school was associated with being involved with both bullying and cyberbullying.”  While having phones in class cyberbullying can be promoted. When people are allowed to have phones in class it is easy to snap a picture or send a text message that could be bullying or inappropriate to others and to prevent that from happening taking the usage of phones out of the picture seems to be the best way.

With all of the benefits coming out of the phone policy it’s hard to be mad at not having your phone. The school is just trying to do what’s best for everyone and helping out. It’s the perfect change we needed.