Spreading the word

Club has students stepping up and spreading awareness


Victoria Karloff

Margaret Scott hanging up the Hispanic Heritage display poster.

Makaila Molina, Staff Reporter

Justina Cole, Margaret Scott, Hagar Elaraky, and Halle Christenson setting up the Hispanic Heritage Month display. (Victoria Karloff)

This month, Justice and Diversity League found itself informing about Hispanic Heritage month with their first display of the year outside the library.

Throughout the years, Justice and Diversity League has served the school by spreading awareness on topics that are not frequently talked about. They meet every Tuesday after school and the teachers who run the club are social studies teachers, Bryant Bull and Angela Bosak. Every month, they have a new issue they want to talk about. By doing so, they put up posters on the wall across from the library. These posters were made from the members in the club and feature all sorts of different information about the topics. The club has a classroom and that’s where all the members come up with their different ideas. 

“This is my second year in Justice and Diversity and the environment in the club is just so good,” junior Zianya Salgado said. “People are all able to share their ideas, and the teachers, Mr. Bull and Ms. Bosak, are so consistent and so passionate about every aspect of the club. They have a drive on classroom and that’s where we drop all of the posters so Mr. Bull or Ms. Bosak can print them. From there, we hang them all up.”

The club itself shares an environment that has everyone comfortable and treated with respect. The club has existed for 15 years, but under many different names. The club started off small, consisting of just 10 people, and now has risen to over 40. This is very beneficial especially when putting displays up like the Hispanic Heritage Month display where they had a good amount of students helping put things together.

“I came into the school and saw the Hispanic Heritage Month display and it looked really good,” sophomore Emily Jimenez said. “It’s really nice to see because I feel like it’s stuff like that that makes minorities feel much more included. That club is doing a lot more good than they think.”

It’s obvious the attention that Justice and Diversity have brought to many issues and while doing so, made many feel included within the school. Although it may be tough to do in environments where trying to include minorities isn’t the goal, Justice and Diversity strides against it.

“I want to help Millard West become a more inclusive space where everyone feels welcomed, safe, valid, appreciated, and represented,” Bosak said. “If you are passionate about social justice and inclusion and want to try to make this school better than you found it, we would love you to come be part of this group of movers and shakers.” 

The club calls out to people that are willing to make a difference within the school and spend some time trying to inform themselves about different issues. Now that this month is Hispanic Heritage Month, the club is trying its very best to keep the display informative and eye-catching to grab the attention of the students that pass.