New year, new changes

QT and Advisement changes during the summer


Photo by trey Jochims

Students work on homework in Mrs. Opitz room during Flex-Time

Trey Jochims, Staff Reporter

Students and staff have been faced with many changes as they began the 2022-2023 school year. Not only did West implement a new E-Hall Pass system, but advertisement was also added to the mix to replace Quality Time.

Quality Time was a  short 10 minutes after 1st block. This class was mainly used to just relax, study, go see teachers and talk with other students. Quality Time was in the daily schedule Monday through Wednesday and Friday. After the 2021-2022 school year, Quality Time was taken off the schedule and replaced by Flex Time.

As Millard West’s Principal Dr. Greg Tiemann put together many new changes over the years as principal. A few of the newest changes are the removal of QT and a class called Advisement.

“The purpose of moving away from QT was to incorporate Flex Time and still meet the required number of minutes of instruction,” Tiemann said. “We also saw the unnecessary complexity of having dual advisements with QT and CCR. Advisement is basically the same as CCR. We ended up moving the class to Tuesday to allow us to have Flex Time.

Many students at Millard West are battling all of the new changes, but see benefits in the change including sophomore Collin Witte.

“I think Advisement is a necessary class to have,” Witte, said. “You are learning new things like how to graduate or what career path you may what to be on. You are focusing on your future in this class and I think it is a vital way to spend time at school.”

Sophomore Chloe Teter enjoyed QT, but thought the class was too short. The friendships made during that time made students enjoy it more.

“I don’t think we needed QT in our schedule,” Teter said. “ I did enjoy QT because I made friends in the class but knowing that Flex Time was the replacement I think not having QT is a good thing. This allows me to have more time to get caught up on work from other classes.”

Advertisement is a way for guidance to work with students and a chance for students to get additional information during the day.