A refreshing debut

The new K-pop girl group, “LE SSERAFIM” has released their new album

 LE SSERAFIM debuted May 2, 2022, with their debut album Fearless.


LE SSERAFIM debuted May 2, 2022, with their debut album Fearless.

Kira Perez, Staff Reporter

The company that brought you the famous K-pop group, BTS, has debuted their first girl group, LE SSERAFIM. They released a debut mini-album with the title track, Fearless, on May 2, 2022.

As soon as I heard Hybe, the company the group is under, was debuting a girl group I was very excited. This would be the first girl group to debut and I was expecting quite a bit. After waiting for weeks and seeing the teasers for the music video, I was very excited. The teaser was a cliffhanger and made me want to hear the full song, so as soon as the album was released I was ecstatic to listen to what the group had finally released.

I started by listening to the title track, Fearless. I loved how the song started and it was incredibly catchy. I love the chorus and how all members’ voices sound together. Though one thing I didn’t like about the song was how it never really escalated. The song seemed to stay at the same pace and never rose in energy. You can usually expect a beat drop towards the end. The song had an anti-drop where the song sounds like the beat will drop, but it doesn’t. Instead, you got the chorus repeating with a slightly raised volume of the background music. This song was successful, I liked this song. The anti-drop wasn’t my favorite, I think the song would have sounded better with the actual drop. The next song I listened to was the B-side Blue Flame. This song was super catchy and upbeat. The song slowly gets more upbeat throughout the listen and is satisfying to listen to. 

Next, I listened to the remaining B-sides, The Great Mermaid, and Sour Grapes. The Great Mermaid had a sort of futuristic vibe. The music sounded like the background music of a video that would be in a cyber city. Though, I love the lyrics and how they are very empowering. The song says to not give up on your dreams and that no one can stop you. I finally listened to the last song “Sour Grapes.” This song was very calm and sweet sounding. I feel like it can be described as a song that would be playing in the background of a coffee shop. This song was different from the rest of the album; it was a love song describing how love is sour. I found it to be an odd addition to the album since the rest of the album was uplifting and seemed to be about self-empowerment.

Overall, I really liked this album and the meaning behind it. I think that this album was quite different from the rest of the debuts that we have seen in these past years. Most music in K-pop is what fans like to call “sound music” where the music sounds more like a bunch of random sound effects added together rather than actual music. This album had lots of great things like the lyrics and the meaning behind it and the actual sound of the songs. The songs on the album were really satisfying and catchy, and I really enjoyed listening to them. Though there were downsides. I think the songs were a little dull and anti-climatic. The songs never seemed to have a drop and just stayed flat and quite boring. Other than that, I enjoyed this album and I rate it a 4.5/5.