A paw-tastic stay

Great Wolf Lodge provides a fun time for a family stay.


photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City offers many fun activities for you and your family.

Kira Perez, Staff Reporter

Spring Break allows students time to relax and take a break from homework. While many people like to stay home and relax, others go on a fun vacation. Over Spring Break, I traveled to Kansas City and stayed at Great Wolf Lodge.

The moment I arrived, I could immediately see how packed the hotel was. In the lobby, I was greeted with a banner, showing they have gotten into the spring spirit. At the check-in, the staff was kind, and we were checked into our room within three minutes. If you have been to Great Wolf Lodge before, you should know they give you wolf ears along with your stay. I was pleasantly surprised to see specialized ears for World Autism Awareness Day. Though it was no longer April 2nd, it was still a kind gesture for the company to do. Walking into the room, everything was clean and tidy. Though, like most hotels, the bedsheets were a little rough and uncomfortable. 

Since I arrived quite late, my friend and I couldn’t go to the water park. We decided to do the magic scavenger hunt around the hotel. Magiquest is a game in Great Wolf Lodge that you have to purchase. The game allows you to run around the hotel to complete quests. Your goal is to become a “Master Magi” and defeat the dragon. We bought a Paw Pass, which offered multiple other activities without additional purchases. The price was $60, which was quite expensive, but personally, we thought it was worth it since many activities were offered. The game was extremely fun and the staff was kind when we were starting off. We spent most of our time playing Magiquest and had a great time.

When morning finally came, we went to the breakfast buffet. The wait time was low since we got up early, but later it became packed. The food was mediocre, but there was a lot to offer. They had the basic breakfast foods including pancakes, eggs and bacon. There was no limit on food you could get, but I assume it was an expensive purchase for my parents. My parents bought breakfast coupons at check-in the night before, so we could get in and out quickly. 

After eating, we had loads of time to spare since the water park didn’t open until 10 a.m.. The Great Wolf Lodge staff didn’t disappoint. They offered many activities in the lobby, mainly for kids, but it was funny to watch little kids attempt to do yoga. Once the water park opened, I was only there for around an hour before leaving the park. It got extremely boring after a while. Since this hotel location is the smallest Great Wolf Lodge, you can expect it to be packed. They had three waterslides, which had long wait times and some staff members were a little unpleasant. The staff was also quite unhelpful other than throwing rafts towards the slides for people to grab and go. My sister, who is 7 years old, wanted to go onto a slide by herself but didn’t know how to get on by herself, and I had to help her since none of the staff would. Unfortunately, since it’s still too cold outside for the outdoor pool to be open, we couldn’t swim outside. Overall, the water park was really repetitive and got quite boring after only a little while.

Great Wolf Lodge was a fun experience, but overall some things were just way too overpriced and definitely more of a place to stay if you are a family with young kids. I would rate my stay an 8 out of 10.