One stride at a time

Cycling students help build bikes for ACP students


Photo by Ryan Moseley

Assembling a Strider Bike, junior Jenson Groff spends a portion of his last day of winter break with the cycling team in order to help provide for the ACP students. Building these bikes helped allow a new learning tool the ACP students can depend on for not only their learning but for their physical advancement too. “We were able to build these Strider Bikes bought by the ACP program,” Groff said. “I saw this as a way to help provide for the students with something they can benefit from.”

Samantha Vojslavek, Feature Story Editor

On their last day of winter break, cycling students arrived back at school early to help provide for the ACP program here at Millard West. The cycling club spent their time on Wednesday Jan. 5 as not only a way to help support the growth and stability of several ACP students, but also as a way to spread their love and passion for cycling to other students throughout the school. 

These bikes, known as Strider Bikes, are constructed without pedals and are designed to help improve balance due to the no-pedal aspect of these special forms of transportation, and with the cyclist’s eagerness to help, these bikes quickly became a perfect addition to the ACP program.

“We were able to build these Strider Bikes bought by the ACP program,” junior Jenson Groff said. “I saw this as a way to help provide for the students with something they can benefit from.” 

Seeing the ACP students being positively impacted by these additions alone has made the building process worth it for not only the cycling team, but also for every ACP teacher. After originally learning about an all-inclusive bike program curriculum for students with disabilities these Strider Bikes were connected through at a mountain bike race, Special Education teacher Sara Wiese-Johnson welcomed these bikes to her students as soon as she discovered them.

“I thought it would be an amazing opportunity for my students if they would be able to use these bikes in our program,” Wiese-Johnson said. “Seeing their balance improve every time they get on a bike, and just seeing more kids on bikes has been so cool to watch.” 

These lightweight bikes have become not only a new tool to help the students improve themselves physically, but also as a fun and interactive way to help their motor skills advance outside of the classroom. Finding enjoyment in these additions to the program alone has fueled a new learning drive for the students and given them a new addition to look forward to while at school. 

“I like using these bikes, and it’s my first time ever using them,” senior Bella Krull said. “I’m really excited to see what these will bring to the ACP room.” 

The Strider Bikes have had a lasting impact on the entire ACP program, and the students have begun to implement these bikes into their school day everyday. The ACP team plans to use these bikes to their advantage thanks to the kindness the cycling team was so quick to offer.