A juicy bacony butter treat

The combo of a wrap and a garlic filled burger hits Sonic’s menu


Sonic has another hit with the garlic bacon butter burger and the Jr. crunchy Fritos wrap to warm up your chilly day.

Colin Ribaya, Staff Reporter

Back at it again Sonic brings another hit to the Sonic Menu with their new Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap and garlic bacon butter burger. Fans of sonic were pumped to head over to sonic to purchase the new garlic bacon butter burger. When I first got the burger I could smell it from the bag just the feeling of the aroma of garlic emanating here in my car.

When you open up the garlic bacon butter burger you see a bland bun. They filled the bun with onion and garlic butter sauce spread across the meat. There’s also a big flap of bacon with butter grease. It looks like an artery of deliciousness coming out of there then one single slice of cheese on the hamburger patty and that completes what is all on the garlic burger.

This kind of burger was dripping garlic juice and as it had a heavy coat of garlic. It’s just so instantly different, full of flavor, I feel like most fast food burgers too like whatever the hook is that they’re marketing. It’s kind of subtle, I like that this one isn’t in garlic butter and bacon. This reminds me of a Paula Deen burger that they’re all punching me in the face. It’s an easily eaten burger and not complex when you take the first bite. The bun is fresh and it’s very fluffy like you’re laying on top of the cloud. I loved all the silliness and the mayo french onion going on inside of the burger.

The burger had a strong garlic flavor that’s not too harsh you definitely know it’s there if you like garlic this is nicely garlic for you. Also, it has a bunch of grilled onions on it so if you’re a big grilled onion fan you’re gonna love this burger. The presentation of the garlic bacon butter burger was packaged in a custom box inside of a sonic package. The burger reminded me of french onion dip with all the mayo and french onion spread across the burger which you can smell from the bag. That aroma out of the gate of the burger is gonna grab you by surprise and say “I am ready to be eaten.” The price for the burger is $4.79, I’m kind of on the high side of my review, I would give this burger an 8 out of 10. The patty is cooked nicely with garlic dripping off the burger, the grilled onions are done well and that big fat slab of bacon completes the interior of the burger.

The Jr. Fritos crunch wrap you would expect the wrap to be crunchy if it wasn’t the Fritos were very soggy. I was expecting them to be crunchy like if you got a regular bag of Fritos and put meat and cheese inside of a wrap. The wrap overall was very mushy and it caused a mess every time I took a bite, part of the cheese and Fritos fell into the wrapper. For $.99 it should at least be a little bigger; it feels like you’re eating one of those crispy chicken sandwich tacos. On the other hand, Jr. Fritos crunch wrap was a disappointment from the name because it’s not crunchy and it was so small I could fit it in my pencil box.

The texture of the Frito wrap is a soft tortilla with bread coated all around the wrap. Inside of the wrap, the Fritos aren’t that visible which I don’t like that much. I needed that crunchy feeling of eating chips in a wrap that is coated with meat and nacho cheese. The presentation of the jr. Crunchy wrap came inside of a normal sonic package. They didn’t give me any napkins and no silverware so my presentation rating went down so I gave the presentation 3 stars.

To wash down the garlic bacon butter burger and the Jr. Fritos crunch wrap I purchased the Sonic Blue raspberry nerds slushie for the price of $1.10. It was really good except for the fact that after I finished the slush it was all watered down. In my opinion, it didn’t feel like it was a real slushie as you would get at 7-Eleven since you would finish the whole slushie, I wasn’t able to finish the whole slushie since it was too slushed and watered down that the only thing I hated about the blue raspberry slush with nerds thrown into it.

Overall, the Jr. crunchy wrap, the garlic bacon butter burger, and the blue raspberry slush with nerds were really well filled with delicious flavors and scrumptious taste. The Jr crunchy wrap was filled with Fritos that was soggy and the meat was deliciously filled with the cheese coated all inside of the wrap. The garlic bacon butter burger was delicious with garlic all over the burger with a block of bacon engulfing the burger. The butter was the best part of the burger. The Blue Raspberry slush was a mix of nerds. It was a chilly drink that was delicious. I didn’t finish the ice because it was too watered down.