Restaurant on wheels

Recent addition to Omaha’s food services is the new way to dine


Photo by: Braden Stueve

The “Famous Nachos” From Zemog’s did not disappoint me on my first trip there.

Braden Stueve, Staff Reporter

Drive-thrus and sit-down restaurants are typical, but Trucks and Taps introduces a new way to dine. Trucks and Taps was nothing to complain about. The new restaurant that opened in July of 2020, has been a big hit. It is located on 108th and Q, where a Sonic used to be located.

The new spot has a combination of different food trucks and a bar in the middle of it all. There are five different unique food trucks that customers have the choice of eating at. The first one is the Dire Lion, a British-based food truck with meals like fish and chips and seafood items. The second one is the Big Green Q, which has different barbeque items. The next truck is Burning Bridges. They have mouth-watering burgers, hotdogs and sandwiches. My favorite one is Zemog’s, a Mexican joint with every Mexican food you could imagine. The last food truck is The Modern Waffle. They specialize in unique combinations of gourmet waffles. There is a variety of food trucks that offer various kinds of food for anyone to enjoy.

Zemog’s is the first place that I hit up. I got their famous nachos that came with queso, cheese, beans, chicken, pico and tomatoes. The plate was completely filled and even overflowing, so much food. The nachos were amazing and exceeded my expectations, so I  rate them a 9/10. The service was amazing, and I had a conversation with the owner who was such a nice guy. The price was $6 for a huge plate of nachos, so I think they were a little underpriced. Overall, I give Zemgo’s a 10/10. If you get the chance to go to Trucks and Taps go to Zemog’s.

Next, I went to Burning Bridges and took a look at their big menu. I decided I wanted some waffle fries. The service was nowhere near as good as Zemog’s but wasn’t bad. The fries were $4 and there was hardly any in the box. They were very soggy and too salty. I did not like them at all so I will rate the fries a 2/10.However, I will rate the restaurant as a whole a 4/10 because of their wide variety of food items listed on the menu and alright service.

The last place that fellow sophomore classmate Reece Straley and I went to was the Dire Lion to split some fish and chips. The service was great for the employees working there. Let us sample the fish and chips before trying to buy it. The employee  recommended food to us and said fish and chips were the way to go. The food was $13 for a good amount of shrimp and fries. It was very traditional and nothing too much. The shrimp was amazing, but the fries weren’t the best. So we gave the food an 8/10 and the overall restaurant an 8.5/10.

The atmosphere is what made the whole experience amazing. There was a bar in the center of all the food trucks, and it was very big. There were also a lot of tables and chairs for people to sit at and enjoy their food. Additionally, there were Christmas lights hung all around the ceilings which helped add to the vibe of the dining room. There were also three heaters throughout the room that helped keep the customers warm when it was 30 degrees outside.

Overall, Trucks and Taps had it all. I totally recommend that you try it out sometime. They have all kinds of foods to choose from so you have a wide variety of options. I rate Trucks and Taps as a whole 10/10. go try it sometime.