Decades themed Homecoming

Student Council hosts annual dance


Millard West’s 2021 Homecoming happened on Sept. 25. This year’s theme was Dancing through the decades. “This year’s homecoming was definitely something I have never experienced before since this was my first homecoming,” sophomore Macie Rock said. “It was fun getting to see everyone you know having a good time and socializing.”

Emily Calpin, Staff Reporter

After Homecoming was postponed for the 2020-2021 school year, freshmen and sophomores were able to experience their first Homecoming this year. On Sept. 23, Millard West had their annual Homecoming football game, unfortunately losing to Creighton Prep 28-21. Millard West still announced their Homecoming royalty, which was the beginning of the Homecoming celebrations. 

The Student Council has been preparing for Homecoming since last spring. This year’s theme was Dancing Through the Decades. The entrance and Commons included many decade themed decorations and a photo op. 

“It took the Student Council all night the day before Homecoming to set up decorations,” junior David Freiburger said. We start planning Homecoming in spring. Everyone splits up jobs like painting and drawing out designs, planning decorations and voting for the theme.”

Some students spent their time talking with friends at the tables or socializing with peers, while others spent most of their time in Wildcat 1, wildcat 1 displayed strobe lights, a stage and screens as kids danced to music. The screens featured the music video to the song being played. 

“My experience was so fun and I was sweating so much from being in the middle dancing and singing with everyone,” sophomore Madison Bosley said. “I thought it was cool being in the gym with the lights off and everyone all dressed up because every other time I’m in the gym, we’re all in gym clothes with the lights all the way up.”

Wildcat 1 was mostly full the whole night with students gathered dancing and singing to songs. Staff supervised the event as they were at the entrance scanning tickets and monitoring surrounding areas, staff provided water and drinks to students. 

“Staff helped with drinks and supervision at the dance.” Parents helped with the cleanup at the end of the night,” Mark Klein said. “ We voted on a theme name and created homecoming committees. Those included royalty, decorations, pep rally, etc. The Student Council decided on five different possible themes and then voted as a group and picked one. Thus, it became Dancing through the Decades.”

With the cancellation of Homecoming last year, the 2021-2022 Homecoming was long awaited. Students got to enjoy one-on-one time with their peers and socialize. The themed decorations really changed the environment of Millard West, and made it a special night for students.