Lend a helping hand

Millard West Volunteers help bring back Rohwer Elementary school’s much-anticipated carnival


Quinn Burton

At the beginning of the event, volunteers lined up at the front of the school to be guided to their job. Helping them find guidance was Rohwers’ own staff members. Thanks to them the event couldn’t have run more perfectly. “Throughout the entirety of the event, I helped out at the volunteer table, guided families to games, and made sure that everybody was having a great time,” Rohwer Elementary principal Nicole Burton said. “Although, most of all I enjoyed seeing some of my former students come back to help out with our event.”

Quinn Burton, Staff Reporter

Rohwer Elementary hosted its annual carnival from 6 to 8 p.m. on Oct. 1, 2021. After missing a year due to the pandemic, many families have been anxiously awaiting its return. The carnival was brought back thanks to the efforts of Millard West volunteers and the Rohwer PTO. 

Since the last carnival, the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) has made many changes due to the pandemic. For the first time, the carnival was held entirely outside. Huddled around the school parking lot were a handful of food trucks, bouncy houses, and game booths. This method not only allowed the carnival to be more spread out, but it also boosted the safety of the children. Long before the day of the carnival, preparations were made to ensure Rohwer’s families would have an enjoyable time. 

“Over the last several weeks, our room parents and teachers have been working hard to collect donations and put together some amazing prizes for this year’s raffle,”  Rohwer Elementary principal Nicole Burton said. “There is something for everyone — sports fans, pet lovers, spa-goers, and even campers just to name a few.” 

One of the carnival’s newest additions was the raffle, which enticed parents to purchase tickets for a chance to win a basket loaded with curated products. Tickets went on sale at the start of the event and drawings were held at the end, and all of the proceeds from the raffle tickets were donated to the Rohwer Elementary PTO.

Although Rohwer Elementary teachers and staff were on hand to ensure the event went smoothly, they requested assistance from Millard West’s very own volunteers. Millard West  National Honors Society(NHS) members were scattered throughout the carnival to make it a memorable experience for the kids while making sure they earned their volunteer hours. As the kids crowded around the game booths many of the volunteers were readied up to begin their job. Although, volunteer and sophomore Sophia Condello went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a great time.

 “I worked at a game booth called “Bring home the Horsey,” which was a small horse racing game with stuffed animals,” Condello said. “I chose to work at a game booth so that I could directly help out with the kids. I wanted to make sure every kid was included, so if they were playing alone I would come up and challenge them to a race.”

However, for some, the occasion was not only an assignment but also a reunion of joyous memories from the past. 

“I worked at the bean bag toss booth, and gave out prizes to little kids,” National Honors Society member and junior Anna Burton said. “Most of all I enjoyed the event because Rohwer was my old elementary school and it brought back so many memories of seeing little kids enjoying an event like this. It reminded me of when I went to the carnival there when I was in fourth grade. It was cool to see some of my old teachers as well.”

For many volunteers, students and teachers this event made an impact on the connection between them, and for the years to come the carnival will be used as a way to bring together the school and its community.