Showing spirit at West

Students participate in a week of outfit themes


Photo credits to Annabelle Harshbarger

To participate in Decades Day, sophomore Claire Thornburg, sophomore Emily Sears, and sophomore Greta Olsen show up to school in 80s-inspired outfits. They loved the opportunity to be creative with what they wore. “It was so fun to dress up with my friends,” Thornburg said. “Decades day was definitely my favorite theme of Spirit Week.”

Brielle Wilson, Staff Reporter

As Homecoming approached, adrenaline ran high. On Sept. 20 through Sept. 24, Student Council organized a variety of special events leading up to the dance. One of these events was Spirit Week, an annual tradition and loved by many students. This festive week brings spirit to the school. 

Unlike many years in the past, a large number of students decided to participate in Spirit Week.  Decorative signs filled the school to remind the students of the special week. Sweatshirts and leggings were replaced with cowboy hats, leotards and crazy hairstyles. From “Western Day” to “Decade Day,” each day of the week consisted of a different theme. 

In order to prepare for Spirit Week, many students went the extra mile to ensure their outfits were perfect. Sophomore Val Pioppi spent her Sunday night rummaging through her closet to find the best outfits possible.

“When I heard that Millard West was having a spirit week before Homecoming, I immediately planned my outfits for each day,” Pioppi said. “I like expressing myself through what I wear. Having a theme for each day of the week allowed me to be creative with my outfits, and also made me super excited about Homecoming.”

The first theme on Monday was enjoyed by many of the students — but maybe not so much for the staff. Crazy hat/hair day arrived, and students jumped at the opportunity to wear a cap. The prohibition against wearing hats was a well-known fact at school. Teachers found wearing hats to be disrespectful and a distraction to others. However, many students disagreed with the ban, and this started a feud between staff and kids. But on Sept. 20, the argument was put to a temporary end.

“I really like wearing hats because they add to my outfits,” sophomore Madeline Bennington said. “I don’t like having to take them off for school. It was nice to have a day to wear a hat without being reprimanded by a teacher.”

Besides twisting the dress code a slight amount, Spirit Week gave kids the opportunity to match with their friends. Twin day rolled around on Tuesday, and students couldn’t wait to plan their outfits. Although most kids matched with one other person, some paired up with two or three others. Twin Day drove many friends to become closer through participating in this theme. Students like sophomore Sophie Bunik believe that Spirit Week serves more than one purpose.

“I did Twin Day with my friend,” Bunik said. “We wore the same blue top and black shorts. It was hilarious to see her in the hallways wearing the same outfit. I really like Spirit Week because I feel like it brings the school together and gives everyone that extra motivation to go to school.”

Following cowboy boots and handkerchiefs, four colors flooded the hallways on Thursday. It was Class Color day, and each grade wore a different color to represent their class. Wearing the school colors helped to unite the students. By sticking to the colors of white, gray, green and black, everyone showed their spirit.

On the final day of Spirit Week, the theme that many students were looking forward to most arrived: Decades Day. Ranging from the 1900s to the 2000s, this day allowed students to dress up as whatever decade they chose. This theme differed from the others due to the large participation numbers amongst the students and staff. Leather jackets and neon colors filled the school as students and staff brought the past to life. 

“I didn’t end up participating in the other days of Spirit Week, but I couldn’t wait for Decades Day,” freshman Natalie Hamaker said. “I ended up choosing the 80s because I think it was a great decade for fashion. I wore flared jeans and a lot of scrunchies. Numerous people participated in Decades Day, so it was nice to see all of their outfits. I felt like I had traveled back in time.”

Spirit Week allowed students to dress up the week before Homecoming. It couldn’t have been a success without the participation of the students and staff.