Stranger Things 2

The town of Hawkins is Stranger than ever

Nick Finn, Staff Writer

photo courtesy of Netflix
Matt and Ross Duffer brought fans one of the most popular American web series of 2016 to Netflix, Stranger Things. Ever since its first showing, fans have waited for the return of the critically acclaimed show.

The wait is finally over.

The first season captivated many with its mystery, sci-fi and horror elements that worked well together. On Oct. 27th 2017, the show returned with its second season and fans were excited to see what new adventures the characters would encounter.

Season two is a continuation, taking place one year after the first season. Everything seems to be back to normal again. Or so they thought. Even after the monster was defeated from the first season, a darkness seems to still be lurking around the quiet town of Hawkins Indiana. The group has to reunite again to find where this darkness is coming from and to defeat the new enemy on the rise.

The cast of Stranger Things mostly consists of young actors, ranging from 12 to 23 years old. All actors do an exquisite job of playing their roles as being a main character or a supporting character. This shows how talented the cast are, and put forth fantastic acting for these young actors.

The show does an exponential job of capturing the look and feel of the 80’s, especially the outfits the characters wear are spot on with the clothing people wore during that time. It makes the show feel very much in the 80’s, while adding iconic culture references throughout the season; like the arcade game Dragon’s Lair as it was showed in the first episode, movie references like the Terminator and more. The show does an excellent job of hiding little references that some viewers may recognize or even remember from their childhood.

The actress who plays the character Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown, brilliantly captures the character. In the second season, Eleven goes through huge transformation from being bald, skinny and not talkative, to now with curly hair and communicating more. She still uses her silent charm and psychokinetic abilities which she uses to defend her friends from evil enemies they encounter. This makes her an important character and Brown plays the role fantastically of being silent, but deadly and showing realistic emotions that the character does not show much.

There are a couple of new characters such as, Max (Sadie Sink) and her selfish older step-brother Billy (Dacre Montgomery) do not have a big effect with the main plot of the story, only acting as supporting characters. In my opinion, the new characters do not have any importance unless they become more important in future seasons.

In the show, it shows Billy being abusive to Max because at home, Billy is abused by his father and feels powerless so he puts that anger towards her. The new characters are well thought out and I hope they will have bigger roles in the next season.

The second season of Stanger Things does a wonderful job of re-captivating the sci-fi horror drama. It does drag along a little in the first couple of episodes to lead up to a climax, which does pay off in the end.

The show will keep you wanting more by the end of it and I definitely recommend the second season for viewers that have watched the first season or want something new to binge watch.