Changing the dress code

Inequality by enforcing dress codes 


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People protest the dress code at Montclair Highschool. They were attempting to separate the clothes they wear with their education. They believe that the teachers and security guards should not send home girls if their clothing is deemed inappropriate. This protest started because a long sleeved dress was said to be too low-cut and sent a young girl home. The Cobb School District stated that it did not matter what the students wore, their education was more important, so the dress code will stay as is.

Amelia Fitzpatrick, Staff Reporter

The dress code is intended to create safe learning environments according to the Millard West Handbook . I do believe that people should follow the school rules, but there comes a point when it turns into pestering one type of student over another. 

For a long time I was told about the dress code being problematic toward women and did not realize how bad it was until high school. I have had issues with this in the past and when we called the office, a person who was higher up in the administration told my mother that some people just don’t get caught and that it comes down to the teacher. I now always wear a cardigan over my tank tops. 

In 1969, the first dress code law was established by the U.S Supreme Court according to findlaw . It was brought to attention because students at school were wearing black bracelets to protest the Vietnam War. The Court decided that schools should enforce the dress code if students cause a disruption in class because of what they are wearing. It is said that schools nowadays have a dress code to create a safe environment for students, while also limiting expression. The Dress code in 2021 is more of a way to make students wear appropriate school clothing.  

 I think it should be understood that girls don’t wear that crop top to bring attention to her. She is being confident and feeling good about herself. Sophia Trevino, an eighth grader from Cobb County in Atlanta, had her jeans measured and was written up for having a rip bigger than her fingertips. Every Friday Sophia now protests the school dress code by wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Dress codes are sexist, racist and classist. 

Sexualization of female students was not the reason for creating the dress code in 1969. But as time changes, so do the clothing preferences. Gone are the days when we wore homemade skirts to school, and blouses that reach our elbows. Students in 2021 are dressing in skin tight clothing or anything that fits their personality. But it is not okay to tell someone to cover up just because they have a different body shape than some men. 

I do believe that the dress code is not as strict at Millard West because I see a lot of expressions in clothing. But the one time I was scolded was enough for me to not feel comfortable wearing skin tight clothing in school. I truly believe if a teacher saw a girl in a tank top and a guy in one, they would head for the girl and skip over the guy. 

4 years ago, there was talk about putting public school students in uniforms. If we had done that my family would have been pushed to the edge of poverty. According to the poverty wage in 2021 was 13.4% and the middle class is close to the poverty level, at least in my family. A way to fix the dress code is to equally enforce it. Just because women have body parts that are different doesn’t mean that we should have them wear different things. It is like we are blaming women for having those features. 

I thought for a long time that everyone thought that men and women were equal, but was stopped in my tracks when I was told to cover up. Truthfully I would say that I am a modest person but some days, I feel good in my body and want to wear a crop top. I just want people to be allowed to feel good without being shamed. In the end, it will take a long time for people to adjust to the newer times and I feel like we are just getting started one the future.