Pogues for life

The hit summer show “Outer Banks” returns for a second season



Netflix’s Outer Banks released its second season over the summer on July 30th.

Quinn Burton, Staff Reporter

After becoming one of the most popular shows among teenagers across the country, Netflix’s Outer Banks has released its second season over the summer.

Following its success last year, the hit series “Outer Banksreturned for a second season this summer. After watching the first season during quarantine I knew I needed to binge-watch the second season. I started watching the series as soon as July 30th arrived. Unlike other Netflix shows, which are often disappointing, this one is exceptional. With many fans anticipating what the second season would bring, the series did not disappoint.  

The show is still set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The island is heavily divided between the Kooks, the island’s wealthy families, and the Pogues, the working class. Although we see the perspective of both the Kooks and the Pogues, the new storyline involves the Pogues: Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and his treasure-hunting friends, John B (Chase Stokes), JJ (Rudy Pankow),  Kiara (Madison Bailey), and Sarah (Madelyn Cline). The trouble-making group of teens sets the stage for the series of unfortunate events to come. 

Despite the fact that the first season ended with an unsuccessful seize of the gold, the friendship between the Pogues is stronger than ever. They are ready for any exciting adventure that comes along their way. Unlike the first season, which focused on John B’s search for the treasure, this season begins with a journey involving Pope’s inheritance. The Cross of Santo Domingo, which belonged to Pope’s family, has fallen into the wrong hands, and he will go to any length to recover it. The cross is believed to have mystical healing properties, making it a very sought-after artifact.  Dragging along his friends with him the treacherous and thrilling adventure begins. 

While the journey begins new characters are introduced, such as Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell), who is on the hunt for the same cross as Pope. Pope and Carla create a rivalry based on their same motives, pitting them against each other. While her ambition and skills appear to put her ahead of the Pogues, she is held back by one factor. Carla’s motivations are driven by her greed, not her heart. Unlike Carla, Pope is well aware that the cross is his, and he will not relinquish it.

Throughout both seasons every scene intrigues me thanks to the show’s exceptional casting, and I am engrossed in the  Pogue’s quest for the treasure. I feel as if I might be one of the Pogues because of the connection I have with the characters. The tense sequences between the protagonists and their enemies keep you on the edge of your seat, anticipating what will happen next. Throughout the highs and lows, there is never a dull moment shared between the group of friends. 

Although the show’s major focus is on the search for gold, the true treasure is found within the Pogues’ friendship. Throughout both seasons, I noticed that every excursion, quest, and treasure hunt served as a barrier in their lives. However, their friendship will never be broken no matter how difficult the challenges are. Because of their shared experiences, they have formed an everlasting bond.

It’s not even a question of whether or not to watch the show. “Outer Banks” is a must-see for its captivating, action-packed plot. It has become a favorite show for many teens all over the world, including myself. “Outer Banks” has unquestionably become the ideal summer series to watch with your friends and family. With its massive success, I’m excited to see what the series has in store for the coming years.