Gaining muscle and followers

Students create fitness Instagram accounts to motivate themselves and others

Photo courtesy of Hunter Strong

Senior Hunter Strong working on his biceps while taking pictures to post on his gym account, “I like to post as much as I can to grow my page and following.”

Madelyn Christiansen, Staff Reporter

For many social media users, Instagram is a place to post about your life and update followers on how you are, but some students have found a new way to use the app. Instead of posting on personal accounts, students have begun making gym accounts to track their fitness journeys.

Senior Jackson Lagemann launched the gym account on Instagram last year when gyms opened back up. Lagemann started his fitness journey in middle school when he was no longer able to play sports due to a brain injury. In his first year of working out, he was able to lose 40 pounds and in the next year gain it all back as muscle; he was able to see how powerful the gym can be mentally and physically. 

“Around the time that I had my brain injury, I was obese and went from being top of the class to not knowing how to spell my name,” Lagemann said. “It was a very difficult time and the only thing I had control over was my physical health.” 

Lagemann also uses his fitness account to keep motivated and track his progress over time. Not only does he post about his workouts, but he also posts things to keep others motivated. Although Lagemann has had many years of experience in the gym, there is still a lot of information that he doesn’t know about. He spends time reading research studies on the body and different parts before posting most of his content. 

“You hold a responsibility to put out the most accurate information as you can,” Lagemann said. “When people come looking for advice, I have to know the information is correct.” 

Another student gym and food account started last May is deck.gym, owned by senior Emma Decker. Her account is a place to combine both her love for the gym as well as her love for food. She posts a lot of the meals she preps as well as simple healthy snacks her followers can also make. 

“I started my account to post my thoughts and document exercises for myself,” Decker said. “I wanted a place for others to follow along on my journey and a place I can also follow others on so I can learn more.” 

Decker gets a lot of messages from other people asking for workouts or different meals they can make at home. Her fitness page gives her a way to connect with others about the common goal of being the best version of themselves. One big thing Decker focuses on is the mind to body connection. She truly believes that the best results will come when you listen to your body and remember changing for the better is a marathon not a sprint. 

Senior Hunter Strong started his gym account,, in February of this year. He posts a lot of tips and videos for people wanting to gain muscle in specific areas of the body, what he eats and how he maximizes his gains at the gym. He was inspired to create his account to help motivate others and help better themselves through working out. 

“My account will help me reach my goals of working in the fitness industry when I am older,” Strong said. “I love when people tell me my posts have motivated them, it makes me want to post more and keeps me motivated in return.” 

Strong has gained a quick following with almost 1,500 followers gained in the three months his account has been active. His growing following might be from the creative content that he posts. Strong records videos at the gym then goes home to put quirky edits and graphics on to attract more people and stand out. He posts mostly workout videos and tips for others to try when they are working out. His page also features some of the meals he eats for breakfast, these meals are packed with protein and fuel the body with everything it needs. 

These seniors have a common goal to motivate others through the content they create and post. All three accounts have gained at least a few hundred followers and continue to grow everyday. These accounts have inspired others to get in the gym and better themselves.