Gossip Girl is Gone

Our favorite Manhattan elites are gone

In the poster for the season six premier of Gossip Girl Serena Van der Woodsen, Chuck Bass, Blair Waldorf, Dan Humphrey, Jenny Humphrey, and Nate Archibald strike a post.

Photo Courtesy of The Spectrum

In the poster for the season six premier of Gossip Girl Serena Van der Woodsen, Chuck Bass, Blair Waldorf, Dan Humphrey, Jenny Humphrey, and Nate Archibald strike a post.

Brooke Sliva , Staff Reporter

Many spent quarantine times finding new activities, getting into fitness routines, spending more time outside many people (myself included) found a new Netflix series to binge watch over and over again. The six season show of Gossip Girl was a favorite for many during this time. This show is about an unknown blogger who follows the lives of privileged teens at Constance High School in Manhattan’s Upper East Side who calls themselve “Gossip Girl”.

The characters on Gossip Girl including Serena Van der Woodsen(Blake Lively) Blair Waldorf(Leighton Meester) Chuck Bass(Ed Westwick) Nate Archibald(Chace Crawford) Dan Humphrey(Penn Badgley) and many more can’t hide any secrets from the cruel, cold-hearted blogger watching their every move.  The first episode covered the mysterious disappearance of Serena Van Der Woodsen suddenly returning from boarding school to visit her suicidal brother Eric, living in the upper east side.  Serna ran off to get away from her problems in the real world but when having to come back to see Eric, she had to see her best friend Blair Waldorf and face the mistake she made the night she left.

The new kid from Brooklyn Dan Humphrey and his sister, Jenny, have a loving father that wants the best education for them so they are sent to the Upper East Side school of Constance.  It may seem incredible and luxurious but being the only kid who has to work for everything they want isn’t all that great.  Also having to deal with a mother leaving the family, bullying, not fitting in, and many more problems while just wanting to become a successful publisher in the real world made it challenging.

The show also has many events such as Chuck Bass getting shot, Rufus and Lily having a love child, Serena and Nate’s secret love affection, and lonely boy becoming a dad? The show doesn’t end there with many many more intense scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more!

The series, which first premiered on The CW in 2007, introduced us to the wealthy teens using Manhattan as their playground. The drama filled show made overnight stars out of its cast, and while Gossip Girl ended in 2012, it is a must binge for new and returning viewers. So why were so many fans upset about Gossip Girl at the end of 2020? Maybe the rumor that the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elites may not be so easy to watch going forward. Netflix released at the end of 2020 that this fan favorite show will no longer be available on Netflix starting at 12:01a.m. on Jan. 1, 2021. 

According to outlets like Decider, the show was removed because Gossip Girl was acquired by HBO Max. Another rumor was that Warner Bros wanted back the license for the show.  Gossip Girl is no longer available on Netflix which means fans will have to subscribe to HBO in order to continue watching the show.  All six seasons became available for viewers to watch on HBO Max on Jan. 1, 2021.  

Many fans are upset about this because the cost of HBO is more expensive than Netflix.  Netflix has a basic monthly fee of $8.99 while HBO Max has a flat price of $14.99/month.  Most teens watching Gossip Girl don’t have both streaming services and are not going to subscribe to both in order to continue watching.  Although many are saddened by the news, there are rumors that a Gossip Girl reboot may be released.

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