Twitter Taking a Turn

This popular app is being used for constant arguing

Katie Willard, Feature Editor

photo by Katie Willard
Politics are seen all around Twitter, but sometimes they get too argumentative.

The sky blue app with a white bird pictured in the middle. A social media platform used by 328 million people around the world. Since the launch of Twitter in 2006, the app has gained popularity through celebrities, companies and politicians. Twitter is a site where people can speak their minds. For better or worse.

My initial intent for downloading this popular app was to keep up with bands and artists to get the 411 on upcoming concerts or new albums. Although that is still relevant to my use of Twitter, now I use the app for mainly Vine threads, memes and pictures of dogs. The most quality content out there.

Everytime I open Twitter, however, there always seems to be some dispute over politics. Whether it’s between politicians, celebrities, or high schoolers.

I’m not too interested in politics, but when something seems to be stirring the pot, I can’t seem to get away from hearing about the latest feud. Regardless about what it is, whether it’s from a retweet or something that is trending.

This doesn’t mean I’m not for people sharing their outlook. With the controversy in today’s world, I do believe people from all over need to be heard. People of different ethnicities and sexualities have the right to speak out and they should, and be respected for their opinion.

Yet, part of life is taking criticism.Whether it’s any public figure or anyone who is not afraid to speak out, not everyone will agree with them. That being said, people should expect to have others discuss what they say, whether it’s for or against. When putting something out in the public eye, condemnation is inevitable.

Recently, many Twitter users got all up in arms about how football players were kneeling during the National Anthem. Was this totally fine or just down right disrespectful? Regardless, people were arguing about it for far too long. This issue was introduced during late September and continues throughout the month of October. To me, that seems excessive, especially since essentially no harm was being done and the same altercation was made over and over again.

My thumbs get tired of scrolling through all the quarrels. Even the Tweets that I agree with start to get infuriating when seen over and over.

It’s unnecessary.

Twitter has become too political. I feel as though hearing something about the latest political issue on the news is enough. But then… here comes the raging political enthusiasts ready to take action through 280 characters. Simply restating an issue but in their own opinion which of course is 100% correct. How dare anyone think differently.

Then when the frenzy is coming to a close, that’s when the tweets go from ignorance to the question of “why can’t we all just get along?”

It’s hypocritical.

How is it possible to “just get along” when America is letting our political views get in the way being civil human beings.

Of course I believe the human race needs to come together as one. No one should feel separated from others because of their differences. We need to embrace everyone, but that seems like the impossible with how people are interacting through social media.

Twitter continues to be my favorite platform of social media because I have the opportunity to connect with many different people or even celebrities. It’s like a combination of Instagram, Vine and Facebook wrapped into one. It seems as though Twitter is too good to be true.

Up until I get fed up with what I’m seeing. Arguing, disrespect and politics.

It’s as though people forget that there is another point of view that deserves to be heard as much as the next one. More people should be using the power of social media, especially Twitter, to help others and spread word on how we can help those in times of need and and for the occasional vine thread.