Misleading moon

New Netflix animation doesn’t live up to high expectations


photo courtesy of Netflix

New animation Over The Moon did not exceed my expectations.

Bailey Vincent, Staff Reporter


Netflix recently released a new movie called “Over The Moon,” directed by Glen Keane. Fueled by memories of her mother, resourceful Fei Fei (Cathy Ang) builds a rocket to the moon on a mission to prove the existence of a legendary moon goddess.

This movie is about a girl who wants to prove to everyone on Earth that the Moon goddess (Brittany Ishibashi) is real and not fake. She was determined to make it to the Moon so she came up with a great idea and built a rocket to launch her up into space. Gobi (Ken Jeong) is a big red lion that she had to meet so she could be accepted into the Moon world.

The Moon goddess took the kid’s photo just so she would have to find the magical gift because her mom in that photo means everything to her. Her mom passed away when she was little so she doesn’t have a lot of memories with her.  My personal favorite character is the brother Chin (Robert G Chiu) because he is so relatable and just sneaked onto the rocketship without her knowing that he was in there until it started to crash because the bodyweight was different.

Then there is the moon goddess. She is so pretty and is real and saved the kids from falling to their death when their rocket was crashing. The goddess doesn’t know why the kids were there but she needed extra hands anyways. Lunette (Brittany Ishibashi) needed to have them find a gift that she had lost.

Finally, there are flying animals everywhere they have special powers and are pretty stupid. They know how to get the job done right and no hesitation to wonder what something new is. They were the ones who saved the kids and rocket from falling all the way back to earth. 

This film is entertaining because the movie has a lot of undertaking events and amusing characters. This movie may be more downhearted instead of cheerful at the end. They found the gift and wanted to be sent back home and she still needed to prove to everyone that she was real so she took a picture before going back to show everyone who she met.

While most of the time the topics are convenient and pleasant there is somewhere it gets sorrowful and not quick-witted or amusing. There are dark times in this movie where everything goes wrong and nothing seems like it will fix it or anything will make up for what happened.

I don’t really like this movie because I favor real-life in cartoon movies. It wasn’t very entertaining to me and it didn’t grab my attention. However, I did like the animations and some of the characters. 

This movie is funny and a nice PG movie for little kids. I recommend this if you like sappy cartoon movies but also funny ones. In my opinion, I didn’t really like it because I’m more into thrillers and horror films. If you like movies like that I do not recommend this movie for you.