A new furry, friendly companion

Ever since COVID-19 came around into the countries, it has prevented people from seeing friends and loved ones for months


Picture by: 11th grader, Bayler Mulick,

Mavis the English Bulldog was brought into Bayler’s home on June 3rd, 2020.

Mila Dell Apa, Staff Reporter

As the days became longer, the feeling of wanting to have someone to keep company to those stuck at home rose.

Because many people aren’t able to see friends and loved ones, having a friendly companion with them as the days go on is what people need. HelpGuide says that no matter what age, pets can provide perks to people. They can increase opportunities to exercise, get outside and socialize. Regular walking or playing with pets can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels. Pets can help manage loneliness and depression by giving us companions. Sixty- two percent of households in the U.S already have a pet. The feeding, caring and training of a pet can cost a lot of money such as getting the essentials a pet needs such as food, water, beds, toys and a big enough space for them to roam around if needed. Yes, it will also take time for the pet to understand whats right and what’s wrong but the unconditional love and boost to your well being that a pet can bring is well worth your investment.

“At any given time we have over 600 animals in our care and as of right now we have less than 100,” communication director for the Animal Care Centers of NYC Katy Hansen said. “That’s an indication of how it’s going.”

You know the saying “a dog is a man’s best friend”? As the global Corona virus outbreak rises, it has prepared people to be spending more time at home over the coming weeks and months. Some have decided that they don’t want to quarantine alone, therefore they are choosing to foster a pet for companionship.

“I wasn’t allowed to see friends for weeks which was something I always enjoy doing,” junior, Alonna Alberts said. “Luckily, I had Rylee with me to keep me company as my parents went to work but we never really had anything to do at home besides watch movies which got boring fast. We asked our parents for weeks to get a dog and luckily with enough convincing and showing off cute pictures, they let us and it was one the greatest things I’ve ever bought.’

While Alonna and her stepsister Rylee were stuck at home, the purchase of a dog was what they needed. Rylee and Alonna have always wanted to get a dog, their parents have never said yes and didn’t see the point when they already had a pet cat, Frank at home. Rylee searched for weeks and weeks to find the perfect dog that caught her eye. On April 18th, Alonna and her family made the great decision of getting their German Shepherd, Lennox. With enough money to purchase Lennox and the essentials that dogs need such as food and water bed, toys and lots of food, they were ready to pick up their furry friend. As they drove to Iowa to get him, their hearts filled with excitement. Over the months, they trained him, bathed him, fed him, walked him and made sure to fill his first few months with them with lots of fun activities for him to do. As the days went on of being quarantined, their lives finally started to get exciting as they got to wake up to a furry companion next to them waiting.

Lennox the German Shepard is currently in training to become a protecting dog. (Picture by: Rylee Glandt).

As the days continued to become longer and longer, more people got a friendly fury companion to keep them company. Junior Bayler Mulick, another student that was affected by Covid 19 and unable to see friends for a while. Since she was also unable to go out, a new pet in her life is something she was very interested in getting. As they looked for a new pet, a picture of an English Bulldog popped up on Facebook. Bayler showed her parents of the cute little dog and they must get it. Her parents agreed and they bought her. For a while, they were unable to actually bring her home because she was sick and too young to be taken from its mother at the time. On June 3rd an English Bulldog was brought into Baylor’s home. While she worked at her mom’s shop, having Mavis around to keep her comfortable and entertained as she created furniture is something she much enjoyed over this long break. 

“I’m extremely glad we got Mavis,” Bayler said. “Although we already have multiple dogs at home, getting a new pet of some sort is always fun to experience. She’s very naughty, clumsy and always has a crazy burst of energy and she eats a lot.”

More and more pets were adopted this past few months, more than there’s ever been adopted. 

Junior Nolan Clark, like millions of others, was trapped in his house for months with barely any contact with people. Since he wasn’t allowed to see people for months, he looked and looked for a certain something to keep him company over the long months of quarantine. His parents thought he was fine without a new certain someone or something joining the family but they finally let them get a pet of him and his sisters choice. A new golden retriever named Lucky caught their eye. Over the quarantine, Nolan did many activities with Lucky. He trained him not to wreck the furniture, to use the bathroom outside, how to alert that he wants to go out and much more. As the quarantine started to lift, many of Nolan’s friends wanted to meet Lucky and after they did, they even started thinking about getting a pet of their own. From what many can tell, he really is thankful to be given Lucky.

“I am so thankful we got Lucky,” Clark said. “He’s given me so much comfort over the months. He’s clumsy and crazy and it’s something I love about him. It’s true, a dog can be a man’s best friend.”

Lucky is a hyper, active, 7 month old Golden Retriever. (Picture by: Nolan Clark)

Pets brings happiness, joy and endless amount of fun and entertainment into all humans lives.