Clubs during COVID

Millard West clubs are meeting online to stay connected


Photo by Logan Berggren

Millard West clubs like Knitting and Crocheting club have been meeting on Zoom every Thursday to work on their projects. “We just “hang out” and all pull our projects out and work on them while we catch up,” knitting and crocheting sponsor Sarah Karst said. “It’s really nice, honestly. We talk about what’s going on with us, good shows we’ve watched, movies, ways this has affected us, the positives of being in quarantine, etc. – pretty much anything within reason.” This opportunity to meet online is allowing them to reconnect and talk with one another while being safe.

Logan Berggren, Features Editor

From speech competitions to planning senior take over, COVID-19 is not stopping clubs at Millard West from continuing to work and meet with each other. Like classes, clubs have had to adapt to the pandemic as well, they have started doing group calls and staying in contact virtually. 

Although some clubs are not able to meet online, some of the ones that have been meeting are Knitting Club, NHS, Forensics and Junior Class Board. They all have been changing the ways 

“We’ve done Zoom calls to adapt to online learning,” junior Olivia Peterson said. “It’s super important that we keep meeting for the Junior Class Board because even though Prom probably won’t happen, we plan on doing senior takeover sometime next year. I think that even though meeting online isn’t the same, it’s still important to keep some sense of normalcy and not let online schooling change everything.”

Meeting online for extracurricular activities is allowing students to feel normal and create a routine during quarantine. Other clubs like Knitting and Crocheting Club have allowed the members to meet every Thursday during the time that would usually meet at school. 

“I think it’s important because this is a difficult time for everyone and it provides some relief for not only the students but myself and Mrs. Smith,” Knitting and Crocheting sponsor Sarah Karst said. “We’re all stressed, and working a lot, and doing things that aren’t in our comfort zone, so it’s nice to do a familiar thing with some pretty cool people. It’s also a good distraction and forces me, and maybe others, to stop and appreciate something I don’t normally do.” 

Having a routine during quarantine can help keep people feel normal. Having the opportunity for clubs to meet online gives the chance for students to create a schedule that resembles their life before the pandemic. 

“It’s easier on students to have a schedule or any sort of a routine,” Karst said. “Therefore, even though it’s a simple club and there’s no credit given to show up or anything like that, it plays a big role in trying to find our new normal. It’s definitely a highlight of my week, as it already was but it feels much bigger now and I’m guessing that I’m not the only one who feels that way. Who knew that Knitting and Crocheting Club would be something I’d need during a global pandemic.”

Clubs like the NHS are still working hard to complete volunteer hours. Students in the club are continuing to help the community but in ways that allow them not to come in contact with other people. 

“For NHS we still have to do hours so I did park clean up by myself,” junior Emma Cavelier said. “We were told that we can write letters to medical officials and people at the walnut retirement center as well. We can still be productive at home and by ourselves. It also helps the community because we need it right now.”

NHS members are still working hard to help their community while also staying safe. Forensics is another club that is continuing to meet up online. Online competitions are being set up to allow students around the country to compete. Students in forensics have been meeting with one another on zoom to help prepare for the competitions online. 

“Our meetings online have been discussing state competition and they are going to have an online rendition of NSDA Nationals,” Cavelier said. “Another different online national competition is being set up and it is allowing another opportunity for people to compete. It’s nice because it is allowing me to see my friends again and it’s important since we are still competing so it’s important to meet with each other online.”

As the current situation continues across the globe, people are searching for normalcy. The clubs and competitions being held online are giving the chance for both teachers and students to reconnect and have the time of normalcy.