AP Combo North Omaha trip 1.15.2020


Natalie Eljamal

Students entered The Union of Contemporary Arts on North 24th street. The goal of the day was to learn more on the effect redlining has on our community and to further expand their knowledge on certain community issues.

Natalie Eljamal, Online Editor

Photo by Natalie Eljamal. A volunteer at the Union of Contemporary Arts giving the AP Combo students a tour of the building. With the extensive background the building holds, the information shared in it makes a lasting impact.
Photo by Natalie Eljamal. Students seen gathered around the table reading documents and sharing their own thoughts on what pictures they see and read.
Photo by Natalie Eljamal. The book that inspired this field trip was “The Rhythm Boys of Omaha Central”, only blocks away from the real places this book took place in.
Photo by Natalie Eljamal. Junior Emma Cavalier collaborating with other students and helping her group put together their project.
Photo by Natalie Eljamal. Students were seen reading the board to learn more about the topic they are studying, segregation around them.
Photo by Natalie Eljamal. Junior Tanner Klan interested in the speech that is being given by the classes volunteer.
Photo by Natalie Eljamal. AP Lang teacher Mr. Hoshaw places a pin on his house to see what part of Omaha he lives in.