A raging issue

The fires in Australia are causing serious problems that need attention


APTOPIX Australia Wildfires

Battling the fires, the firefighters use any means necessary to control and contain the fires. A helicopter tackles a fire in East Gippsland, Victoria state, Australia.

Brenna Batchelder, Staff Reporter

Since September, the country of Australia has been battling a raging inferno. Thousands of people have lost their homes, millions of acres have been burned and billions of animals have died. The air quality in Sydney, Australia, is 11 times the hazardous level. On top of that, 25 people have lost their lives due to the impacts of the fires. The country is burning and something needs to be done about it.

Australia is facing record-breaking temperatures, an extended drought season and strong winds that have created the perfect situation for wildfires, according to The New York Times. Millions of people are being forced to evacuate their homes and communities for safety. The fires are a hazard to anyone and anything in their way. NBC News states that smoke from the fires can be seen drifting west towards South America. Obviously, this issue has expanded beyond Australia. 

The average person can help by donating their money to the organizations helping Australia and spreading awareness. Meanwhile, wealthy organizations and people with the resources to help sit back and send out their thoughts and prayers on social media.

Social media influencers and major corporations have a massive platform with a huge audience to spread awareness of issues going on within the world. Many influencers have spread awareness of the issues going on in Australia and even donated, but the burning of an entire ecosystem seems to raise less alarm than expected. 

The Sydney Morning Herald states 140 million dollars have been raised so far for the victims and the resources to stop them. With the fires raging since September, this is a huge issue. In two days, Notre Dame raised one billion dollars, according to the Chicago Tribune. That amount hasn’t been surpassed in the efforts to help the victims of the Australian fires. For example, major brands like Gucci and L’oreal rushed to donate the Notre Dame but have stayed silent while Australia burns. 

The importance of each of the situations contrasts greatly. Ecosystems are being destroyed, lives are being lost and for some reason, a building that can be rebuilt raises more alarm and money among influencers and corporations. 

Urging everyone to donate, social media influencers and corporations put the issue on their audience while donating very little from themselves despite their wealth. As stated previously, the average person can donate some money, but if wealthy influencers and corporations donate Australia would benefit majorly. Any amount of funds will help the country, but with the help of the millionaire influencers and corporations, Australia would gain the needed funds to help.

With a percentage of multiple millionaires and billionaire donations, relief for the victims of the fires, protection of the wildlife and funds to help try and control the fires would be benefited greatly. Reposting an image of the burnt landscape with a picture of a koala spreads awareness, but is shallow and selfish when the poster has the wealth to greatly impact the fundraisers for the country.

Regardless, Australia needs help. Spreading awareness and donating are the most important things to do in situations like this. To help with the victims of the survivors, donations to the Australian Red Cross and the Salvation Army of Australia are accepted. Organizations like Vets Beyond Borders and RASPCA of New South Wales accept donations towards the preservation of animals. Australia needs any help that they can get, so any donation is appreciated.