A new virtual experience

VR headsets bring dream experiences to life


photo courtesy of Kira Perez

The Oculus Quest 2 is the newest VR released from Oculus

Kira Perez, Staff Reporter

After seeing multiple videos online about the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, I was convinced that I needed to buy one myself to try it out. Oculus is a virtual technology company that is owned by Meta, formerly known as Facebook, that has released multiple VR headsets.

I went to purchase a headset from Target, and the price was around $425. I had chosen to get the more expensive one since it offered more storage. There was also another headset, it was priced at $300, but offered less storage. The headset I bought had 256 GB, while the other had 128. Once I got home, I opened the box and saw the many inclusions. The package came with a charger, the headset, the controllers, and even a glasses spacer so you can play with glasses comfortably. The setup was easy and understandable. I had the VR setup within five minutes. 

You can purchase games through the Oculus app on a mobile device. There were many free games to download, and they were pretty fun. Rec Room is a free game I downloaded, it was my favorite among the free games. You can play with other people and talk to them through voice chat. You can also make a customizable avatar. Many activities were offered through this game, such as paintball, dodgeball, and almost anything you can think of.  

Though, the more fun games had to be purchased. I purchased the horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted and Beat Saber. Both of these games cost $30. I was not disappointed with my choice of purchase. These games were fun to play and gave me excitement. The FNAF game was scary and fun to play with my friends and family. Beat Saber is the perfect game to play by yourself when you are bored. It gives you a challenge by trying to hit all the notes flung at you at a fast pace. The game allows you to have an action-packed experience along with listening to one of the many songs offered on the game. 

I was also surprised by the quality when I first opened up the VR. Everything seemed so real. Unlike other VR headsets I have tried before, this one was good quality and wasn’t constantly blurry. Though the headset was expensive, I think that the price was worth the quality and the abilities of the headset. The headset gameplay can also be screencast onto a tv or mobile device. This allows friends and family to see what is going on. The battery life is also quite good. I could play games for two hours straight without stopping before it dies. I also found out that watching movies or tv shows on the VR can go on for around three hours without it dying. You’re also able to friend other people with the VR and voice chat and game with them, as long as they have the same games and they are multiplayer of course. 

Overall, the Oculus Quest 2 headset was a great purchase. I love using it and it always adds fun to my day. The VR is a great quality headset with many features. Though, the headset is quite expensive and so are the games that are available to purchase. 9/10, I would recommend this headset to anyone.