Commendable cajun cuisine

Mouth of the South provides savory southern eats


Evan Vaslow

Mouth of the South Southern Grub brings southern and cajun cuisine to Omaha, providing customers with a variety of mouthwatering dishes.My favorite was the Smoked Gouda Mac (pictured here along with the Cajun Burger).

Evan Vaslow, Staff Reporter

Mouth of the South Southern Grub, located near 168th and Center, provides Omahans with a unique cuisine. They offer a variety of southern and cajun foods, including jambalaya, po’boys and lots of seafood and pork.

After getting quarantined, I was on the hunt for a place with curbside pickup and minimal contact. Mouth of the South had me covered; I was able to easily order online, drive to the restaurant and have my food brought out to me by a masked employee. The whole process was a lot quicker than I was expecting for a scratch kitchen: everything was ready only 30 minutes after I submitted my order.

Although the chicken and sausage worked together nicely for a great tasting jambalaya, the small size was disappointing. (Evan Vaslow)

The first thing I tried was the jambalaya. It consisted of sizzling andouille sausage and tender chunks of chicken on a bed of rice, topped with peppers and onions. After one bite, I was hooked. It had the perfect amount of spice and a great meat-to-rice ratio. A lot of jambalaya is dominated by mounds of rice, but in this one, the protein was the real star—making up the majority of the dish. Everything about the jambalaya was perfect, except the size. For $14, I was disappointed by how small the portion was as it didn’t even fill the takeout container it came in. Despite the superb taste and texture, the lofty price would deter me from ordering it again. 

The thick, rich sauce and blackened chicken made the Kickin’ Chicken Pasta a memorable entree. (Evan Vaslow)

Next, I tried the Kickin’ Chicken Pasta—fettuccine smothered with a roasted jalapeno poblano cream sauce and topped with strips of blackened chicken. The sauce was delicious: thick, creamy and very rich. It did, however, fail to deliver the kick promised by its name, but that didn’t detract from the tastiness. I was pleasantly surprised by the chicken. I was expecting it to be chewy, like most blackened chicken I’ve had, but instead it had a delicate, tender texture that fell apart in my mouth. The portion size was a lot better. I feel like I got what I paid for; $15 was a reasonable price for the large bed of pasta and ample chicken. I would definitely order it again.

The Cajun Burger left a lot to be desired, especially for the high price. The tasso and andouille sausage were barely noticeable and the bun got soggy in the takeout container. (Evan Vaslow)

I was intrigued by the Cajun Burger—which promised angus beef, housemade tasso and andouille sausage and gruyere cheese—and I had high expectations. Unfortunately, the burger fell short, proving to be the most disappointing food I tried. Everything kind of blended together, and I could barely notice the sausage or cheese, which was frustrating because I was super excited to try andouille on a burger. Adding to the disappointment, the bottom bun was soggy by the time I got to my burger. This was probably a result of the burger sitting in a closed takeout container for the duration of my drive home, while the juices from the lettuce, tomato and pickle seeped into the bun. I don’t think I’d have this problem if I ate in the restaurant, but it was frustrating nonetheless. Fifteen dollars is a bit too much to spend on a burger, especially one as disappointing as this. Next time, I think I’ll stay away from the burgers.

The gooey, cheesy goodness of the Smoked Gouda Mac was well worth the $2.50 to substitute it for fries. (Evan Vaslow)

By far, the best thing I tried was the Smoked Gouda Mac. For an extra $2.50 you can substitute it for the traditional side of fries (it can also be purchased on its own for $6). I would highly recommend this for the creamy, cheesy, gooey goodness of this perfect side dish. Once I started, I couldn’t stop eating this. The cheese sauce was the perfect texture—not too thick, not too liquidy—and was easy to eat with the noodles. I was surprised at how large the portion was, considering the fact that it was just a side dish. I would definitely get the Smoked Gouda Mac again, no matter what else I order. 

Overall, I was very satisfied with my experience; the ordering process was quick and easy and the food was delicious. The only thing keeping Mouth of the South from becoming a frequent dining spot for me is the steep prices, but other than that, the food and service were great. ⅘