A Senior Heartbreak

Varsity softball concludes their eventful season.


Alm cocks back ready to unleash full fury on the ball. Photo by Ashley Bush

Andrew Pfeifer, Staff Writer

Arms bounded together, dust kicked up into the air, and chanting rocked the dugout as the Millard West varsity softball team takes the field. The girls confronted the competition in front of them, and knew what had to be done to walk off the field with a win.

Tonight was special. Not only was it big game for the Wildcats, it was also senior night. The senior athletes ran onto the field, taking it all in, one last time.

The senior girls included Adria Allen, Sam Alm, Marissa Salazar, Lexie Swift, and Abby Konz. These girls stuck with the softball program here at Millard West for all four years.

Lexi Swift makes a swift catch as she returns the ball to the pitcher. Photo by Ashley Bush

From earning their first varsity jersey, to winning their first game, within a matter of weeks it would all be over for these ladies. The season would only become a memory, looking back on the time they had together.

“I think this is the year that we all have been the closest.”, third baseman Adria Allen said. “We came together as a team early in the season to overcome stuff happening outside of the team and it all made us closer.”

The Wildcats polished off their regular season, defeating Bellevue East at home 6-4. Seniors had their key moments throughout the game, like Allen hitting a home run at the bottom of the third inning.

The Wildcats swept districts defeating Westside 12-0, and Lincoln East 2-0. They had high hopes heading into the state tournament. The senior-lead team believed they had what it took to see their first state championship.

“We have a lot of potential.”, senior shortstop Sam Alm said. “We can beat anyone when we are 110% on our game.”

The potential for the Wildcats is nothing but spectacular. When the team catches their stride, their unbeatable. That is believed by all of the players at heart, especially the seniors.

Their focus now turns to the state tournament. The tough competition ahead lied ahead with Millard South, who has won four state championships in the last five years. Despite the difficult teams ahead, the Wildcats believe if they can get the ball rolling early, they can pull away with a win.

As the season concludes, no matter the outcome, the unfortunate truth is at hand. The seniors come to the realization that their time playing together, is slowly straying away. Although within weeks their high school careers will be over, their bond will never be lost.

“I’ll definitely be sad looking back on all the good times with my teammates knowing it’s all over.”, Alm said. “They’re the reason for some of my best memories and now some of my best friends and I’ll be done playing with some girls I’ve played with since I started softball.” The seniors only had one wish, to bring home the Wildcat’s first ever softball state championship. It’s a team effort and showing how much these girls care about the game and each other, together, they believed nothing could stop them.

They all play with a similar mindset, knowing their opponents cannot win, because the girls will not lose.

Unfortunately, the reign of the 2018 senior-built team didn’t last long. The Wildcat’s took the field, one last time for the state tournament on Wednesday, October 11th in Hastings, Nebraska. They lost their opening game against Lincoln Southwest 10-13, then lost their final game of the season to Lincoln North Star 6-9 the next day.

As the team enjoyed their final moments together in the 2018 season, the team created life lasting memories that will never die. Although their vision of a perfect season didn’t fall into play, the way they played their game changed the program at Millard West. Expectations set for underclassman teams to come.