Sign stealing has lead to jobs being stolen

The Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox can both possibly have to give up their World Series titles.

Alex Cora was among three of the managers to be fired by MLB teams for the sign stealing scandals.

Alex Cora was among three of the managers to be fired by MLB teams for the sign stealing scandals.

Hayden Cole, Staff Reporter

The past few weeks have been a weird and very confusing roller coaster. The Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox were both found guilty for using technology to steal opponents signs in their World Series title win, Astros in 2017 and Red Sox in 2018, because of this both managers from the teams have been fired from their positions. 

While no players from both teams have been suspended or fined, most fans from around the league are wanting the MLB to place punishments for the players that were involved. A survey done by ESPN showed that 58 percent of adults that voted responded that the Astros players should have been punished. Also 72 percent adults and 76 percent MLB fans stated that the MLB should take action to penalize players that are involved in sign stealing. 

Not only has this affected the Astros and the Red Sox but also the Mets organization. Former Houston Astro Carlos Beltran was a part of the 2017 championship team and was about to become the first ever Latin American coach in MLB history, but due to him being part of the scandal, he was released from the position before it even started. This may also affect his ability to get a coaching job anywhere.

The Boston Red Sox were caught stealing signs in the 2018 season against the same team the Astros played, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Back to back years that the World Series champions have been caught stealing signs. Alex Cora, the Red Sox manager, was fired after the Astros fired their manager. 

Another question is brought up when this is talked about, should the Dodgers receive both of those World Series as they were the runner up in both. The arguments about this are very back and forth. Some people think that the Astros and Red Sox needed to cheat to win those championships. Other people say that they would have won it anyways as arguably, both teams were better than the Dodgers even without sign stealing. Most likely, both teams will maintain their respective championships, but it will always be an argument for a long time. 

I think the MLB shouldn’t make these two teams give up their World Series titles, but should be given some type of punishment like a postseason ban or something along those lines. Another thing that I wasn’t a big fan of was the New York Mets firing Carlos Beltran. He was part of the whole scandal but he is not a player anymore, he is a coach. Beltran wasn’t given an opportunity to put this behind him and possibly be a great manager for a Mets organization that is starting to take a huge dip in the past couple years. He is going to be haunted by this for the rest of his career as a manager.