The American dream

What really is the American Dream?


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Natalie Eljamal, Staff Writer

For centuries, immigrants have come into the United States hoping to pursue their American Dream, but many question the thought, what is the “American Dream?” Some imagine it to becoming rich and famous, others think it is the idea of stability and freedom. Everyone has a different perspective of the American Dream and this is the why many people choose to immigrate here.

When the United States was in its first century of development, people were fleeing to America for all sorts of reasons. In Ireland there was the potato famine, in other countries they were leaving due to land and job shortages. Many perceived our country as “the land of opportunity.” Immigrants were looking for jobs in population centers along the East Coast to try and support their families. People were working low paying jobs to make some cash, even if it was a little above nothing. Working these jobs was more advantageous than the alternative of living in their country of origin.

The “American Dream” can be anything people want it to be. It could be making loads of money and living in a mansion, or it could be living with children in a house with a white picket fence.

America has become a melting pot of different classes. Back in the 1900’s, a large amount of people came here from Europe and they were heavily discriminated against. They arrived here upon ships with poor conditions which ended with many of them dying on the way here. When they arrived, they were put to work in families with little pay and deathly conditions. However for them, this was much better than staying in their country. Many of them came for the same reason, in hope to make money for their family so that they could have a better future. They sacrificed themselves for their family. Thankfully, the conditions in factories and America in general has significantly improved.

When I envision the “American Dream,” I think about people coming here in hope of a better life for themselves and their family. I see them trying to take any job and trying to receive a steady income. People coming here just so they can get stability in their life, freedom and basic human rights. Being an American means that people get the same chance as everyone else here. They get an education just like everyone else, have basic human rights and do the things they like. They don’t have to constantly fear about my rights being taken away.

When I think of myself living the “American Dream,” I think that I could be anything, with all the opportunities that we have in this country, we could be anything we want.