The Haunting of Hill House: Is it real or just their state of mind?

The horrors that come from this house are unspeakable

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The Haunting of Hill House: Is it real or just their state of mind?

Genna Platte, Staff Writer

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Fear in their eyes. Blood rushing through their veins, as the characters experience something that no person should ever see. The Haunting of Hill House is a recently added show by Netflix. This is something that I would be able to watch multiple times. It is based off the book, Haunting of Hill House, written by Shirley Jackson. It is creepy and suspenseful, and very addicting. If you enjoy horror shows or films you should should definitely consider giving the show a chance. It is a great binge series. 

There 10 episodes that were created to signify the different plots throughout the show. The viewer will experience the terrors that the characters saw, by representing the past and present of one of the characters. It included the grown up version of the kids and the dad, as well as the younger version when they lived in Hill House.

Haunting of Hill House is a show about five children and their parents that move into a haunted house, but at the time they were unaware of what the house had in store for the family. The main characters include: Steven, Shirley, Theodora and Luke Crain, along with Nell Crain, and parents Hugh and Olivia Crain. Each of the main characters were affected by this house and each episode goes in depth on their story.

In each episode the character would have flashbacks about the specific things that they encountered while living in Hill House. It shows how the kids were affected, and how it still haunts them as they are now adults. They all went their separate ways until their youngest sister passes All of them have ghosts from their past that come back that they have to face. Now with the children asking what actually happened to their mom the day that she died; Hugh has to look back at what actually happened the last night living in Hill House, and relive everything that happened. This all started with Hill House and that’s where it needed to end.

I thought that the plot was excellent and each episode was very creative. The director, Mike Flanagan, did an outstanding job bringing the story together.

I thought that the show did a great job going from present day to the past. By describing what all of the kids had gone through, and what they are going through currently. Some of the characters were able to go on with their lives, by pushing their memories into the dark.

However, other characters were not so lucky.

Their lives were deeply affected and turned out for the worst.  To help some of the characters cope with these terrors they would come up with ways to make them feel better. One thing that helped Luke feel safe was counting to the number seven because there are seven people in their family. He has done this ever since he was a little boy especially since he experienced some horrifying things when he lived in Hill House.

The music selection during the scenes allowed the audience to feel suspense, fear, and worry just as the characters did. The actors that they chose to cast for this show did an awesome job with bringing the story to life. There were some parts where I felt I was actually at Hill House with the family when the flashback scenes occurred.

There is one episode where the director went in depth into Nell’s life and how she has been traumatized from what she went through. Ever since she was little she has seen someone that she has called the Bent Neck Lady. Growing up she has experienced sleep paralysis and would see her either in the corner of her room or hovering over her. This really took a toll on her which is when she went back to hill house.

As a fan of the show, when I finished the last episode I was disappointed when the season was over, because I wanted to watch more. I would rate this show five out of five. Although some people thought that the show was too scary, I thought that it was perfect. Others may have different opinions because they may not like watching suspenseful shows. However, If you are one of the people that does enjoy watching scary, haunting shows or movies then I would personally recommend watching this show.

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