Disappointing start brings hope for the future

Nebraska and Coach Scott Frost start 0-4


Gage Miskimins

Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost leads his team out on to the field.

Jacob Janousek, Sports Director

Dec. 2nd, 2017.

The day Scott Frost was hired by Nebraska. All Husker fans tuned in to watch Central Florida, the team Frost coached at the time, win the American Conference. Towards the  end of the game you saw on the ticker “Sources: Scott Frost hired at Nebraska.” All Husker fans saw that and were excited for the future.

At Frost’s press conference after being hired he showed a lot of hope. He gave the classic quote, “Hopefully the Big Ten has to modify their system for us”. That really put a fire under Nebraska fans belly and we were ready for the 2018-2019 season.

September 1st, 2018.

It was Nebraska’s first game of the Scott Frost era and they were going against the Akron Zips. The hype was in the stadium and everyone was ready to go. The kickoff started and right when Nebraska Quarterback(QB) Adrian Martinez took the field, “30 minute lighting delay!” That kind of plagued through the night and the game was eventually canceled.

“The atmosphere went from hype to disappointing with the lightning delays,”  junior Gage Miskimins said. “Overall, it was a fun night, everyone was out in the rain and the student section was singing songs all night waiting for the lightning to leave.”

Now it was Colorado week.

The weather looked clear for a 2:30 p.m. kickoff on Saturday. With Colorado and Nebraska being rivals this was game that was circled on the schedule. Nebraska went off to a slow start going down 14-0 after turning it over on their first two possessions. Nebraska was able to fight back and take a 21-17 lead into halftime. It was good to see the Huskers fight back because it is something we haven’t seen all year.

Nebraska and Colorado put together some scores and it was 28-27 Huskers going into the ending stages of the game. Then the unthinkable happened. Martinez got hurt. This was scary for Husker fans, as walk on QB Andrew Bunch had to finish this game. The Huskers ended up losing 33-28 starting the Scott Frost era on a sour note, but we saw fight in this team we didn’t see last season where they went 4-8.

Through the week Frost said Martinez had a chance to play but would be a game time decision. At the end of the week Bunch was made the starter for their game against the Troy Trojans He showed some confidence in the situation he was in at the end of the Colorado, but this game was not meant to be. This team looked completely different from the week prior. They flat out fell apart with their start falling 17-0. The Huskers were able to fight back but lost 24-19 making it there second loss to a group of 5 team in two seasons.

The Scott Frost honeymoon was now over. Many fans on twitter started a #FireFrost trend and it seemed like it all fell apart.

“Fans who do this never were really fans,” senior Noah Edwards said. “It’s just disappointing that Husker fans are so quick to judge, like we still have so much hope for the future.”

Then came the Michigan game and there is nothing really to say about that game but “blowout”. The Huskers weren’t there from the get go as they got blown out 56-10.

The next week showed some hope but they lost 42-28 to Purdue.

Now we sit here at 0-4. The worst start for the Huskers since 1957. A sour start to the Scott Frost era where we all expected better. If your a Husker fan I would not panic. There is so much hope for the future.

“I have been a Husker fan since I can remember,” United States government teacher Alyssa Watson said. “I know it can be done and I feel Scott Frost and his coaching staff will get Huskers back where they used to be, he is from here and he understands Nebraska.”

After the Purdue game you could see Scott Frost on the verge of tears talking about how much he wants this program to be back and how he knows it will be. Frost and Husker fans know this will be a complete rebuild. With Mike Riley the Huskers were building a house, but it was on a bad foundation.

And Frost now has to rebuild it.

So calm down Husker fans, just have hope for the future.