Building skills for the future

Students get the opportunity to build a shed during fourth semester


Photo courtesy of Naveh Offord

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Riley Kramolisch, Staff Reporter

During third block, the Construction Management class taught by skills technical sciences teacher Charles Lambert came together and decided they wanted to build an outdoor shed for their final project. The shed will be 10’ x 12’ and will be put in the backyard of Scott Gibson, another science and technical skills teacher at West. 

The class has been working on this project for four weeks, and each day looks a little different. When they first started working they stayed at school and built the walls, since there is more space in their workshop area. For a couple of days they went to pour the concrete to create the foundation for the shed. 

“We meet in class to talk about what we are planning to do for the day and talk about what tools and equipment we are going to need,” Lambert said. “Depending on the day and what we have on our list of things to get done, I’ll split the students up into groups with each having a task and we’ll try to get three or four tasks done each period.”

Now they have moved the shed into Gibson’s backyard and have gone to his house by carpooling or on their own during third block to continue to work. They will also add a roof and finish up the siding on the shed for the next few weeks. 

“I needed a shed to store things like my lawn mower and snow blower,” Gibson said. “It’s in my backyard, and when the project is finished I will receive a bill from Mr. Lambert that I will pay to the school.”

The students are getting hands-on experience that will help prepare them for future classes and future careers. They have to use teamwork skills to complete the project because each student has a specific role that can vary depending on the day and how far along on the process they are. Senior Naveh Offord took construction management because she knew it would help her in the future and help her find her interest in what she wants to do in life.

“This class will help me because I want to go into construction and this class helps me get a feel of what it will be like,” Offord said. “My favorite part has been all the hands-on stuff and getting to layout the walls and even helping move the sod. I took this class to further my understanding of construction and to figure out exactly what I want to do.”

After all of the building process is done they will add a few finishing touches to it and admire the work they have completed. They will walk away with more knowledge of construction management and other work skills that will help them be successful later down the road. The class has been doing this project for several years and will continue to do it because it gives the students a direct experience.