STRIVing for success

Sophomore learns the ins and outs of graphic design


Photo by Annabelle Harshbarger

Sophomore Logan Moseley works to create a graphic for the STRIV TV live stream. The graphics are important to the live stream as they provide stats and information about the players.

Annabelle Harshbarger, Online Editor

Sports are a popular pastime for many high schoolP students, whether they play them or enjoy watching the game. Sophomore, Logan Moseley has taken his interest in sports to showcase his skills in graphic design. At the beginning of 2021, Moseley began to teach himself how to design many different graphics using the application Photoshop.

In the past, Moseley has made thumbnails for YouTube videos, graphics for school projects and STRIV TV. Moseley’s interest in sports inspired him to begin designing graphics. He most often edits jersey swaps and sports-related graphics. Due to being well-versed in sports, he is able to create graphics that showcase his knowledge on the topic. 

Moseley has been working over the past nine months to teach himself the skills he needs to create different graphics. Being self-taught can sometimes create a challenge for Moseley when he is unable to figure something out by himself or with the help of the internet. He is still learning new skills in order to execute all his ideas. Being self-taught has given Moseley a chance to push himself to be more creative.

“I think being self-taught gives me an opportunity to grow upon myself,” Moseley said. “I feel like the challenge of working with Photoshop is what I like most. I tend to try to attempt new things and once I get a push of halfway, it is sorta like a runner’s high in where you hit a stride you typically wouldn’t hit.”

Moseley has been working with sophomore Blake Kahler on his YouTube Channel “The Jazz Huddle.” Moseley creates thumbnails for the videos on the channel. He also designs different graphics for live streaming such as scoreboards or any other visual parts of the stream. 

“Logan approached me about working together and I thought it would be good to give him a platform for his skills,” Kahler said. “He’s really been with us since ground zero, we went from under 500 subscribers to over 3,000 with his help in less than six months, and also got around 600,000 views in the same time frame. So overall, he’s been a huge help.” 

In addition to working with Kahler outside of school, Moseley uses his talents for STRIV TV in his Advanced Journalism class. STRIV TV live streams varsity home games and uses graphics in many different ways. Moseley has used his knowledge in sports to create graphics that enhance the visual appeal of the live streams. 

“He works really hard in what he does,” STRIV executive producer Miguel Prearedes Reyes said. “Every day he’s asking me about what he can do for the next game and planning out ways to make it the best possible stream it can be. I’ve seen him improve in his graphic making and he’s going to continue honing his skills the more comfortable and confident he gets with them.” 

As Moseleys enjoyment of sports and his passion for graphic design continues he is looking forward to gaining more experience and skills.