A flea market farm

Locally owned business selling vintage and secondhand items


Makayla Taylor

This open market brings in hundreds of people each year from their delicious food trucks to their unique shopping and it’s worth every penny.

Makayla Taylor, Staff Reporter

Three weekends a year, the Junkstock market on Sycamore Farm holds a flea market for junk vendors to sell. During the autumn season, they’ve made a fall edition for all fall lovers. They have food trucks, one-of-a-kind shopping and even pumpkin picking. During my visit, I was lucky enough to experience most of the Junkstock attractions.

When first entering the gate, walking up and paying for the $10 ticket to get in, visitors saw a bunch of different events throughout. There was a band playing in the afternoon, a pumpkin barn near the front, tents filled with shops and so much more. I could barely wait to try everything, but there were a lot of people so this sure was one long wait.

The shopping is the main part of the event, so of course that is what I wanted to try first. Most of the stuff you would see in these individual shops was very reasonably priced. For example, when I looked at the decor it was usually around $10 to $20, and a lot of the items were homemade. On the other hand, I could walk into jewelry and see a ring priced for 50 dollars which I thought was ridiculous. If I can find a lookalike for five dollars at my local grocery store then it’s definitely not worth it. But all in all, I really did enjoy looking around at the cool stuff they were selling. They have clothes, antiques, candles and anything else you can think of to buy. They even had puppets which was really interesting. My overall personal favorite was the variation of different candles and other scents they had. I even bought a candle for myself: vanilla pumpkin scent for Halloween that was 24 dollars in total. This wasn’t a bad price for how other local stores cost more, and this was large sized. When buying any items, service went fast for how many people were in the line which was a plus. So even if these shops can be expensive, it’s my new favorite place.

By this time I was super hungry so I wanted to drop by the several food trucks at the start of the farm. They had pizza, pretzels, gyros, barbecue and others. Being the plain eater I am, I chose to try the pizza and a simple gyro. Lunchtime had just rolled around, bringing in hundreds of people to eat. It left me and my family in this line for up to an hour-long, but even with that, it was worth it.

The first item I tried was the “Brooklyn style” cheese pizza, which wasn’t the best. The marinara sauce was very lightly put on, and the small amount of cheese only kept sliding off. The crust and dough was thin and slightly burnt, and even though the piece was huge it really only felt like a small slice of pizza for how little it filled me up. But I was excited when I finally got to try a slice of ricotta. It was 10 times better. It was semi-oily, which I was not a fan of, but the flavor was there and the cheese was not shyly topped. The dough was fluffy as well making it nice to eat. I would give the first a two out of five and the second four out of five stars.

Now the classic beef and lamb gyro. I’m really not a fan of gyros, but it’s always good to give something another chance. I think the best word to describe the meat was tender and flavorful. It was a chewy consistency and it even had a hint of garlic in the taste, which only made it better. The gyro was packed with this delicious topping, along with fresh lettuce, tomato, and a perfect amount of the tangy tzatziki sauce. I’m very happy with my choice to retry this and I will definitely be going back to the “KGB” food truck just for this savory meal.

After eating this tasty food, I decided to move on to the desserts they had to offer. I got a funnel cake with powdered sugar — which I usually stay away from but I just had to for the sake of the review — and a fried cheesecake with raspberry topping and powdered sugar. I must say, the funnel cake was much better than I had anticipated. It wasn’t as greasy as they usually are and the texture was a soft and chewy bite. It was very sweet from all of the sugar on top, but because the dough itself was a little bland, it made them taste better. Onto the fried cheesecake, which had many pros and cons. The cheesecake was still cold under this dish, which I loved, but the raspberry sauce was not the best. It was bitter tasting and more artificial than I usually prefer. I wasn’t planning on getting this flavoring but the employee of the tent recommended it and now I’m disappointed with my choice. Other than the certain parts I didn’t particularly enjoy, I am glad these were my two choices for dessert, but next time I’ll be trying the cinnamon bites.

After exploring the vendor halls and all of the food trucks, it was around four and time to go. This event welcomes many small businesses and I hope to see even more arriving next time. If you’re also someone that loves to shop and try new things, this is definitely the place for you.