Goodbye, good luck & thank you

Sutter starts a new journey outside of Millard West


Spanish teacher Ryan Sutter looks back on his time at Millard West with one of his most memorable classes.

Brooke Sliva , Staff Reporter

The Spanish hallway will look a lot different next year, as it won’t have the familiar face of Spanish teacher Ryan Sutter. He will always stop and say “Hola”, making sure you get your daily dose of Spanish in your day.

Sutter’s journey at Millard West High School started all the way back in fall of 2004 when he attended Millard West for his high school years, but his love for Spanish and teaching didn’t start in Omaha, Neb. During Sutters years before becoming a teacher at Millard West he was studying abroad in Spain. He eventually graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University. After college, he went back to Spain and taught English to young students. Sutter wasn’t planning to become a teacher, but somehow his love for teaching in Spain moved him to UNO, and he began his student teaching at Millard West High School.

“I never pictured myself as a Spanish teacher when I was young,” Sutter said. “I loved teaching in Spain and when I came back to Nebraska my journey heading to Millard West just laid into place perfectly. I love the students I have met and I love seeing the progress of all the students I’ve had throughout my years at Millard West.”

Senor Sutter has taught at Millard West for seven full school years. He has met many new coworkers and students throughout his years at Millard West. One person Sutter has really relied on as more of a friend now then a colleague is Spanish teacher Juan Aguirre. Sutter used to be one of Aguirre’s students back in 2009. Sutter was in his Spanish 4 class, and was one student that always gave Aguirre a hard time. 

“Mr. Sutter was my student back in 2009 and one day I took his phone because he was using it in class.” Said Aguirre. “Then I saw him using another one, which I took as well, then when I saw a third one I knew he was playing a joke on me. Sutter is such a good friend and colleague. He was always positive and always on top of technology stuff. I will definitely miss him.” 

Sutter has had any great memories here at Millard West, but Sutter has a lot to look forward to in these next few years of his life. After this school year his wife and him are making their way to Lake Tahoe. This move all started when his wife was offered a job position with a startup Final Tech company. As for his wife who has a lot to look forward to, Sutter is very excited to see what his life will be like in the future. Sutter hopes to substitute at schools down in the Lake Tahoe area, but he is extremely excited to be more involved in his running company that he and his dad put on. They put on a half marathon and a full marathon once a year. Sutter and his wife plan on moving back to Nebraska in about three years, but no one knows how the journey will go in Tahoe so the future is unknown. 

“I think Ryan is going to enjoy living in nature and being able to go for his daily runs around Lake Tahoe and on various hiking trails. Said Wife of Senor Sutter Jordan Sutter .He loves to hike and explore so he will probably be in heaven.” This is a great opportunity for him to take a step back and decide what he’s most passionate about trying while we’re living there. He can decide if he wants to continue with his love for teaching or if he wants to try out a new experience.”

Sutter has a lot to look forward to as the move is getting closer and closer everyday, but he always has a lot to look back on. Sutter loves all of his Spanish classes he has taught, but he is going to miss his spanish 1 classes the most. He loves that for this class everyone comes in on the same level and he gets to see the improvement moving onto the next classes in their four years at Millard West.

“Sutter was different from most of my teachers.” Said Junior Emma Vanboskirk. “He made me feel like I was important and that I mattered. He acted like he actually cared about me and my grades. He always had so much enthusiasm when he taught the class, and it just made the class fun to attend.” 

As Sutter leaves at the end of this school year, he leaves Millard West as being known as one of the most inspirational Spanish teachers, and leaves behind many students with a better education, and a brighter future.