Strike a pose

Junior models for local photography business


Photo courtesy of Jasmine Hermosillo-Padilla

Junior Jasmine Hermosillo-Padilla poses in front of a background at the Arnold Clark studio. Hermosillo-Padilla has been modeling for Arnold Clark since she was little and hopes to continue her career with them. “I have taken pictures with them since I was little for cheer,” Hermosillo-Padilla said. “I plan on doing more modeling with them in the future.”

Annabelle Harshbarger, Staff Reporter

Cameras flashing as she strikes a new pose, junior Jasmine Hermosillo-Padilla had the opportunity to model for Arnold Clark. On Saturday, March 7th, she went to the photography studio to make an advertisement and commercial for the company.

Arnold Clark is a photography studio in Omaha that specializes in senior photos and portraits. Hermosillo-Padilla has been doing photoshoots with Arnold Clark for cheer since she was young. When she reached high school, more modeling opportunities with Arnold Clark opened up. 

Hermosillo-Padilla had done many shoots in the past but this one was special. Her photos will be used in an advertisement that will be promoting Arnold Clark around the Omaha area. For this photoshoot, she was alone, but there will be other high school students in the advertisement. 

“This experience was very similar to past modeling I have done with the studio,” Hermosillo-Padilla said. “It was a similar routine. We went to different parts of the studio and took photos with various backgrounds and scenes. It is exciting to think that I will be in a commercial seen around Omaha”  

For this particular shoot, Hermosillo-Padilla was nominated by other people who had pictures taken at the studio and then selected by the owner. 

Hermosillo-Padilla was well prepared for this photoshoot and did not have to do much to get ready because she had done shoots with Arnold Clark before. For Hermosillo-Padilla before she models, she prefers to do her own hair and makeup. 

“I choose to do my own hair and makeup because I have a routine that I like to stick to,” Hermosillo-Padilla said. “I feel most comfortable when I do it myself because everyone has different techniques and products they like to use during the process.”

Hermosillo-Padilla was also able to pick her own outfits for the photoshoot. She packed many outfits so she had different options, and the photographer helped her pick the outfit that was best fit for the photoshoot.

The photoshoot was taken in different areas around Omaha and lasted five hours. Many of the pictures were taken in the Arnold Clark studio with different backgrounds and sets. Hermosillo-Padilla also modeled in different areas in downtown Omaha including Kaneko, the Flatiron, outdoor areas and alleyways. 

During the photoshoot, Hermosillo-Padilla posed in front of different backgrounds for headshots and full-body photos. The photos taken will be used in an advertisement for Arnold Clark and their senior pictures.   

“My favorite part of modeling for Arnold Clark was just being able to do more with them,” Hermsillio-Padilla said. “I have been modeling with them since I was younger and I enjoy working with them, lately I have gotten to do different shoots than I am used to.”

Hermosillo-Padilla hopes to keep modeling for Arnold Clark as well as branching out and modeling for other photographers. She also participates in J-Team, a group of soon to be seniors that model and represent other photographers.