Show choir showdown

Millard West hosted Music Lives, one of the first competitions of the season


Photo courtesy of Eva Gould

Sophomore Eva Gould performs their exhibition show. Uptowns theme of this years show is the goddess of vegetation and the wild. “My favorite part of the day was our exhibition performance,” Gould said. “ It can be stressful performing in front of so many people but is still enjoy it.”

Annabelle Harshbarger, Staff Reporter

On Saturday, January 25th, Millard West Show Choir hosted the 15th annual Music Lives. The all-day competition consists of performances from 14 mixed high school groups, five women’s groups and 10 middle school groups from all over Nebraska. West in the Groove, Uptown Girls and Show Cats all performed exhibition performances of their shows. 

The day was packed with over 20 performances and to ensure that it all ran smoothly countless parent volunteers were needed. Volunteers were needed to work admissions, in the cafe and security. Along with the volunteers’ show choir members  help out during the competition. Each member was assigned a job to work during the day. 

Thirty One groups compete in Music Lives from all over Nebraska. Millard West is packed with all different performers. 

“My favorite part of the day is getting to meet all the other performers,” junior and West in the Groove member Sophia Allgood said. “I also love getting to see all the other groups perform.”

  The high school competition was held in Wildcat 1 while the middle school groups performed in the auditorium. After each group performed they were walked to the library by their host where they received critiques from the judges. 

Throughout the day all three Millard West groups performed their shows for the second time at the school this year. The exhibition performance was a great way for the groups to learn what the need to work on for next time. 

“Based on Uptown’s performance, I think there is definitely room for improvement,” sophomore Eva Gould said. “I felt that our group works really well together and that we did really well for how early in the season it is.” 

The competition began at 7 A.M. and lasted until 11 P.M. After all high school groups performed the first award ceremony was held. There they announced who was performing in the finals.

Six finalists competed: South on Stage, Amazing technicolor Show Choir, Resonance, Titanium, Entourage and Revolution. After the finals, the grand champion was awarded to Westside High schools Amazing Technicolor Show Choir, they were also awarded with best vocals, best choreography, best ballad and best costumes. Westside’s Warrior Express took home first place in the prep division. 

In the women’s division, High Heeled Harmony from Naperville North High School placed first. In the middle school division, Westside Connection got first place. 

Overall the day was packed with great performances and the Millard West Show Choir groups kicked off the season with a positive start.