Maximum problems for Maximum Football

The first college football game in almost a decade, but is it any good?

There is finally a new college football game, but so far has proven to be a disappointment

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There is finally a new college football game, but so far has proven to be a disappointment

Hayden Cole, Staff Reporter

Finally after six years of a big, deep, dark depression, a new college football video game has been released. The game titled Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 and is the first game since NCAA’s last game, NCAA Football 14, which is up for the best football video game of all time.

The reason for the stoppage of college football games is because in 2014, there was some legal disputes between players, many players sued video game company, Electronic Arts, EA. They sued because they were not compensated for the games use of their likeness. While none of NCAA’s games included real player names, they included real jersey numbers and full customizable roster and players, which people used to make current rosters every year. 

During this six year stent, everyone has been asking and praying for a company to step and make a new game. Canuck Play was the company to take the risk and step up. The talks of this game started in July 2018, and has only been hyped everyday since then. Canucks Play’s Maximum Football games have been all about the Canadian Football League, but have switched things up and added College Football into the mix.

The release date for Maximum Football was September 27th, 2019 and is $30. After one week since release day, NCAA Football 14, a game made almost a decade ago, is still better. While NCAA 14 was ahead of its time, it can’t be played on the newer generation consoles like Xbox one and PS4. So you would think a game from 2019 would have better graphics than a game from 2013, well it doesn’t seem to be the case so far.

The game just looks awkward. The players in NCAA 14 moved well and the movement of the players in the game seem real. In Maximum Football, the players sometimes don’t even run their routes correctly and some run out of bounds or don’t even move at all. Another thing that I see has problems, are player models, they look like if a 5-year-old drew a football player and they used that as a model for the game. Now graphics aren’t the worst, but sometimes the running back isn’t even holding the ball with his hands it’s just floating next to him. It’s not just the gameplay that is questionable, it is also the college dynasty mode. They can’t have real college teams but the team names are almost laughable. For Nebraska, instead of the Cornhuskers, it’s the Mustangs, not even close at all. That is just one of the 130 teams in the game that have weird names. Also, it’s impossible to put together a roster, like the game has Canadian positions like SB, unless you watch the Canadian Football League, you have no idea what that means. I understand that some of these issues can be resolved with a couple patches, but still these are some important aspects that makes a game good. 

Maximum Football was made and designed by three total people. Three. That is not a lot for a game company making a great game, but for a game that was only made by three people and a few outside helpers, it’s not that bad.

This game can be something special, but it will take time and effort to do it. Currently, the game is at a sitting point where the people want a great game right now to make up from the lost time. And if the game doesn’t improve. Then nobody will want to play at all.

Overall, Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 has its problems, a lot of problems to be more precise, but with time and effort there is so much potential for this game to be great. But as College Football lovers, we need to be patient and not expect greatness from day one.