Five Below opens in Omaha

A twist on the classic dollar store opens first store in metro area

Hailey Manrose, Staff Writer

Dollar stores have continued to grow rapidly over the last couple of years. It has given people everyday items for a cheap and affordable price. Although they have low prices, they often don’t have a wide selection of items to choose from. Dollar stores sold products of low quality for a low price, until now. Now there is a store where you can get good quality products on a budget.

Opening on October 4, 2002, Five Below is an alternative to an average department store, rather a discount store chain that sells trendy everyday items for under $5. It is one of several chains that have recently become successful in  selling extremely low priced products such as Dollar general. The store announced its own plans to grow earlier this year, and has opened 67 new stores so far in 2018. They plan to open another 50 locations in addition to the 625 stores already opened.

Divided into different departments, the store has  new and trendy items such as beach chairs, clothes, books, electronics and school supplies. The variety of  choices gives the consumer an array of options to choose from.

There is a wall of $5 clothes and shoes, selling simple and plain black boots, tank tops, and pajamas that you might also find at a store similar to Target. The styles were all very basic, but the quality was better than you’d expect.

Five Below also sells makeup and beauty products. They had a big selection of drugstore brands and had a huge selection of cleansers, makeup removers, face washes and bath products, in addition to nail and makeup products.
Overall, Five below is a great alternative to the average dollar store. It offers a huge selection of unique and useful products for a price you can’t beat. Even with low prices, they still manage to have high quality in their products. The store makes it easy and fun to get everyday items for an affordable price.