The Prodigy: A Twist On Reincarnation

Orion Pictures brings us a psychological thriller with a twist of supernatural

Miles eyes, taken from the movie

Miles eyes, taken from the movie

Reincarnation is when someone dies and then becomes another person or an animal. But it has never been thought that a body could share two souls because of reincarnation and not finishing what you intended to do in your previous life. The Prodigy, a psychological thriller that came out on Feb. 8th 2019, shows just that, but inside a baby boy name Miles, who is fighting his other soul for dominance over his body.

The Prodigy is a truly disturbing movie about watching a child named Miles grow, but with a advanced and intelligent brain. His parents, Sarah and John Blume, clueless to the fact that their son is becoming more and more aggressive, think that he is just highly intelligent and an early bloomer, as that is what his doctors say when he starts talking, quite fluently, before he is of the age of a toddler.  His eyes, one blue and the other hazel, is what stands out the most for his character. These eyes later reveal who is occupying his body.

Watching this movie, I covered my eyes frequently during the movie due to the sudden upbeat in scary music or a jumpscare. Many times, the actors and producers would throw something at you that you weren’t expecting and it would leave you in awe.

Movie poster of The Prodigy featuring the Mom and Miles with the “second soul’s” hands on her shoulders

Throughout the beginning of the movie, we see the agressive parts of Miles, such as squashing a spider with his bare hands and beating up a boy with a wrench in class. By the time he is 8, his mother thinks that something is wrong with him, as it shows on the movie poster, “What’s  wrong with Miles”, written across the mother holding her son.  Now, of course, you must have one parent who doesn’t believe their spouse, and in the end pays for it.

During some parts of the movie, it felt almost as if you would jump out of you seat with fear. Humans running at each other at night and turning into something else. There was many twists, that would lead you to leaning into the movie, waiting for something to happen, but it going the opposite direction and going a whole different way.

As the movie continues, you see that Miles has two souls, and eventually one will battle the other, and that soul will be absorbed. He is only 8 years old, cannot remember what he does, saying at night he has to “make room” for someone else. This “someone else” is controlling him and making him do murders on people and animals. His mother’s persistence to help her son leads to a grave ending for all the people in the movie, and the people watching.

I thought the movie was quite disturbing.

Watching a child share the body with a killer was traumatizing trying to watch. The parents were foolish at times, and many times you would want to yell at them to realize what was going on with their son, and that they should help him.

The movie shows many times that the mother would see things, but she would shake them off. I can why she would do that, because thinking that your only child is going insane and shows signs of being a killer can be a mother’s worst nightmare. But eventually she, being the mother, must realize that the soul, or other soul, inside her boy is not who he says he is, and to use your senses and do what you think is the best. Many times I would want to go up the mother in the movie, and tell her to open her eyes and see what her son is becoming.

Watching the mother throughout the movie, I would just shake my head and groan at the decisions she would make. Many of them help lead to the grave ending, but if she had done something else, or had gone a different way, maybe she could’ve changed the way things ended.

I must say, the actor, Jackson Robert Scott, who played Miles, was a brilliant actor. For being so young in age, he played excently in this movie. He portrayed his character well, and had the audience captured in what Miles was going to do next and kept us on the edge of our seats, awaiting his next move. His emotions shown through his character and made me truly believe that this child was in trouble.

Though this movie was disturbing and had quite a few jumpscares, I would want to see it again to rewatch and see simple things that I missed that may of clued me in to what was going to happen. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good jumpscare, excellent and emotional acting, or just wanting to see a thriller that will keep you on the edge the entire time.


4 stars