The Hottest Gift Ideas for the Holidays

The perfect presents to put under the tree for friends and family this year


Hailey Manrose, Staff Writer

The smell of crisp winter air and the excitement overwhelm children all around the world. Families gathering around opening gifts. It is Christmas morning.

Investopedia says the average family spends over $800 on Christmas gifts every year, making it one of the most expensive and celebrated holidays in the nation.

This year the new iPhone X is projected to be the most popular present. For $1,000 dollars you can go to any Best Buy, Apple store or your phone provider and get one. According to Fast Company, this alone is expected to produce over $84 billion dollars during the holiday season.

It’s new features such as the camera and the screen display are making it one of this years hottest gifts.

Another thing many people are talking about is the new Series 3 Apple watch, priced from anywhere from $399 to $1,200 based on the model. The watch includes Wireless internet and bluetooth. This includes a bigger screen and new watchbands and many more added features.

According to Fortune, over 9 million have already been sold and it is expected to double during the holidays.

The new Nintendo Switch is also predicted to be one of the most popular gaming system sold this year. It is a gaming console that you can take anywhere. You can get one for around $300 almost anywhere electronics are sold. It comes with two controllers, a screen and a charger when purchased. Coming out in March, over 4 million have been sold. The system is projected to sell over 2.5 million more in the next two months.

The SK8-Hi shoes by Vans is the shoe of choice this year. They are priced anywhere from $60 to $65 and offered in a wide variety of colors. They can be found at a variety of stores including Journeys, Zumiez, and the Vans outlet.

Lululemon leggings are also expected to be big this year. Ranging from $88 to $120, they have many different styles and colors to chose from. They can be found at any LuLulemon store or online.

As the Holidays approach, people are starting their shopping early. The demand for presents will continue to grow as it gets closer and closer to the holiday season.