A drive to provide

HOSA members participate in aiding the first annual blood drive of the year


Riley Kramolisch

Donating blood for the first time, senior Luke Hudek participates in the fall blood drive. Heading into this experience, Hudek felt waves of emotions but was prepared and aware of the benefits his donation would provide. “Overall I had a good experience, and it’ll be very beneficial to keep donating,” Hudek said. “I want to donate in the future because nothing bad can happen to me and only good things can happen to people who need the blood.”

Samantha Vojslavek, Features Editor

As the fall season approaches, various events around the area pop up and get many students and staff involved. One of these events, the first blood drive ran through the Red Cross, occurred on Friday, Sept. 24. Students involved with HOSA became a part of the blood drive this fall and took this opportunity as an outlet to help make a difference in the drive. 

To spread the word about the blood drive, HOSA members visited several QT’s throughout schooldays during the weeks leading up to the drive. One of these members, senior Eva Gould, helped the drive gain publicity by reaching out to classrooms. 

“I liked being involved because it still felt like I was making a difference even though I wasn’t physically getting my blood drawn,” Gould said. “During the blood drive I walked around and made sure all the donors felt okay during and after their donation.” 

Over the course of the school day, HOSA students operated together and performed various tasks in order for the drive to run smoothly. Checking in donors, noting when they arrive/exit the drive and escorting them to their assigned tables were all efforts done by those in HOSA in order for the drive to be successful. German teacher Andrea Turner was one of several staff members who donated. 

“I wanted to give blood so I can help others and save lives,” Turner said. “My advice for someone who wants to donate would be to drink plenty of water, eat leafy greens, exercise the day before and to not be afraid to ask for anything throughout the donation process.”

Despite the waves of emotions associated with this type of donating, senior Luke Hudek branched out and involved himself in the September blood drive. Since July, the American Red Cross has experienced an immense blood shortage due to the number of trauma cases and organ transplants occuring. Blood drives such as this one and others popping up across the area seemed to have heard the need for blood donations. With the willingness and generosity to help benefit others, Hudek and all other donors became very impactful due to the scarcity of blood during this time. 

“It seemed like a good way to reach out and help people,” Hudek said. “I was nervous but excited to do something bigger than myself, and I was proud walking out knowing I could be saving someone’s life.” 

Walking away from this memorable experience, those who donated were able to leave with no remorse, for they had made a positive mark on the Red Cross and anyone in need of blood in the future.