It’s all about the money

Greed kills in the latest Netflix thriller



Triple Frontier is a heist and action film on Netflix.

Reece Straley, Staff Reporter

Imagine this: in the middle of the jungle, some of the worst men in the world are chasing you and $200 million with you. You make a big mistake that changes the whole mission. This is exactly what four ex-special operation guys did in Netflix’s thrilling and action packed movie “Triple Frontier.” 

Taking place in South America, Santiago “Pope” Garcia (Oscar Isaac) gets information from his informant, Yovanna (Adria Arjona), on a drug lord he has been chasing for years named Lorea (Rey Gallegos). He finds out there are hundreds of millions of dollars at the house and makes a deal with Yovanna. If he gets her brother out of jail, she will get him the money. He returns home to his four friends, Redfly (Ben Afflack), Ironhead (Charlie Hunnam), his brother Benny (Garret Hedlund), and lastly, Catfish (Pedro Pascal). Each of them is back to normal life with careers like Redfly is a realtor, Ironhead is a motivational speaker, and Benny is a MMA fighter. All that changes when Santiago arrives.

He then makes them an offer they can’t refuse, guaranteeing millions for each of them. After some hard negotiating, they agree.

When the group arrives in South America, they make a plan and make it to Lorea’s house before getting ready to breach the house. The suspense the directors added here was astonishing. Through the music and the expressions of the characters as they breath heavily and have an uneasy look on their face, it kept me anxious. Once they are in the house they find no money and no Lorea. This scene did a wonderful job of creating suspense with the amped up and eerie music but also a questioning feeling of what will happen next.

The house is empty and dry until Santiago notices some wet paint and suspects the money is in the walls and boom, millions in cash is all there. The actors do a magnificent job in expressing their joy. They start laughing, smiling, hugging, and jumping up and down. I think it really makes a warm feeling for the viewer and makes them feel excited as well. They load it up into a van but Redfly has greed running through his blood and forces everyone to keep getting more money even though there is danger nearby. They are forced to fight their way out and during it Santiago finds Lorea and kills him. They then make it to their getaway point where they have a helicopter waiting for them but a problem emerges: there is too much weight for the helicopter. They blow off the weight problem and continue. 

Santiago fulfills his promise to Yovanna and gets her and her brother out of South America and to a new life. There is an amazing act of friendship in this scene with the actors’ emotion of sadness and relief. After the sentimental moment, it all goes downhill, literally. The helicopter crashes into a field of a farm and the locals are very interested in what has landed in their field.

The locals find all of the money the group had collected and want it for themselves.

An argument breaks out over the money and the locals make a terrible mistake of taking out their weapons, but Redfly makes an even bigger one, and their echoing shots ring out into the air. Now there are dead locals and more problems for the group. The directors do a very good job of creating a “what just happened moment.” They used different shots of the sky, birds flying away, and dead silence that changed into tears from the locals. They pay the locals and apologize for what happened. They then set out by mule to the ocean where they have a boat waiting for them. 

On the way they are forced to go over harsh terrain and run into some even harsher people. A gunfight which changes the course of the mission ensues. Redfly is shot and killed as an act of revenge. The actors do an amazing job of creating a feeling of regret and sadness. Santiago for example takes off his hat and throws it looking into the sky as if, why.  They made it feel very personal as if that was my friend too.

They started with $200 million and by time they were to safety they were left with $5 million and a dead friend. In the end with the remaining money, they all decide to put in their share to Redfly’s family. 

Big movie critics rated this movie as pretty decent. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 71% and IMDb gave it a 6.4/10. I think I would disagree with some of the statements that say the plot has some holes but I would agree with the idea that it builds more off the idea of greed in money and also some parts were unrealistic. For example, some of the best spec op guys in the world would not leave the walls torn apart like that and the mess they did. 

Overall, I think I would give this movie a 90% so a 9/10. I think this movie was stunning. The actors did a very good job creating suspense in their words and a sense of connection through their emotion. I think the directors did a great job in choosing actors and directing the movie. This movie took me on a wild ride and made me feel very connected to the actors in the film. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good action and thriller movie.