Preschool Day

Academy Students Work With Preschoolers


Michaela Grund

Senior Tess Ray works with students during the Education Academy’s Toddler Day. This annual event helped Academy students plan activities for future careers in education.

Michaela Grund, Staff Writer

The bright, vibrant colored room buzzed with kids’ laughter, and their energy bouncing off of the walls, creating a warm and friendly environment. Education Academy students organized the child-sized tables around the room with various activities, all while the children snacked on finger food.

On Wednesday, November 15, Millard West’s Academy hosted Preschool Day, a tradition for the Child Development class.

Tess Ray and Caitlyn Kaup are two students in the Education Academy who foresee themselves as potential teachers after college.

“Preschool day is one of the several events we do working with kids,” Kaup said. “We bring in kids ages 3 to 5, and learn more about teaching that certain age group to meet their needs as their brain continues to grow.”  

The day began at 8:15 a.m. and lasted until 10:45 a.m. In the beginning, arts and crafts were laid out on the tables for the kids to choose which one they wanted to start with. The children could do math problems involved with creating a project, heat up hot chocolate with marshmallows, look at fish, or draw on the whiteboard. Through this session they learned how to collaborate with others and follow directions in order to assemble a project.

Afterwards, they went on a nature walk to Millard West’s Wetlands. There they were informed about the land type and how the Wetlands are a crucial part of our natural environment. They learned about the diversity of life that flourishes and survives in the Wetlands that can’t be found anywhere else.

Then they came back to the auditorium for some of the bigger activities that involved working together and moving around. Finally, to finish up the day they went back to the classroom for some quiet time and reading.

“The activities we do involve the children working together, and engaging in conversation with the people around them,” Kaup said.

The schedule laid out for the children kept their brain stimulated and working as a team. They also learned more about life around them and how to respect it, and sharing with their peers.

“It was really excited to have a whole bunch of kids in one room,” Ray said. “And wanting to become future teachers it is even more fun to have our lesson plans actually being worked out.”

This is just one of numerous days Academy hosts. Prior to Preschool Day, they also have a Pregnant Mom Day, Newborn Day and Toddler Day. Each occurrence helps the aspiring teachers learn more about the development of kids who one day will be students in their classrooms.

“I love these projects we do,” Ray said. “It helps us greatly as aspiring teachers because we receive experiences working with all different kinds of kids and problem solving.”

Weeks before each occasion, as a class, they talk about the next age group coming in and how each stage of a child’s life is crucial for their development in learning.

All of these events are important for Millard West to host in collaboration with the Education Academy. They help shape our future teachers who possibly could be shaping our future kids.