Saving Lives One Pint at a Time

Students come together to save the community


photo by Hailey Manrose

HOSA Blood Drive on September 29th allowed for both students and staff to volunteer their time for a good cause.

Hailey Manrose, Staff Writer

Every year millions of people are hospitalized and lose large amounts of blood. For years schools and other organizations have held blood drives in order to help thousands of people across the nation.

Millard West holds three blood drives every year collecting more and more blood, making them seventh in the country for high school blood drives.

“Blood drives have become a part of Millard West culture,” speech pathologist Jeanne Meyer said. “HOSA members along with the Millard West students have continued to step up and give back to our community.”

This fall, 87 HOSA students organized the first  blood drive through the American Red Cross on Friday, September 29th in Wildcat II. Students spend weeks preparing before each blood drive by recruiting friends, staff and parents to donate.

On the day of the blood drive, 10-12 students each block come and help run the registration table and provide snacks for the donors.

“Every hour we have people come in, get their blood drawn,” sophomore Kaelyn Barth said. “Then their blood goes and saves lives.”

According to The American Red Cross, one pint of blood can go as far as to save three people’s lives. Approximately 32,000 pints of blood are used each day in the United States. That means over 4.5 million people’s lives have been saved across the country.

“I feel good knowing that it’s helping others and saving so many lives,” sophomore Ashley Havranek said. “I love knowing that so many people benefit from it.”

Anyone 16 and older with parents consent can donate. After donating, food, juice boxes and chairs are provided to make sure no one passes out due to a sudden drop in blood pressure.

This fall over 170 students and staff contributed to save over 475 lives. As HOSA  continues to put together blood drives year after year, they will be saving lives one pint at a time.